Are you a stay at home mom or housewife? Do you have some spare time? Well, you can earn a decent amount of extra cash working from home in your free time.

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Over 80% of people all over the world like to work from home jobs. There are tons of work from home jobs available online but all of them are not legit. After struggling with a lot of work, I have listed a few legitimate work from home jobs for moms that pay daily, weekly, and monthly. Follow the list below.

20 Legitimate Work From Home Jobs for Moms 2021

1. Proofreading Jobs

Proofreading is one of the easiest ways to make a decent amount of money. The main responsibility of the proofreading job is to correct the spelling mistake and grammatical errors of a document that may be an eBook, journal, blog post, article, etc. These jobs are very easy to do and flexible. You can set a time to do this proofreading job. Nighttime is a good period for doing this job. Proofreading is a high paying work from home job that makes up to $45,000 a year if you have good skills in proofreading.

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2. Sell eBooks To Make Upto $10,000/Month Even You Are A Beginner

Amazon Kindle is a great platform to sell eBooks.  Top Sellers are making over $10,000 per month selling their digital eBooks. The average monthly income of Amazon Kindle is almost 40 million USD. So, it’s an amazing opportunity for you to create and sell eBooks on Amazon Kindle. If you are interested to do this less-labor but more profitable business but you don’t have any ideas where to start, how to write content, how to design, how to promote & sale; no problem, SQRIBBLE is a complete system that designs, writes, and creates your eBook in just a few clicks. You do not need any technical skill. Just a few finger’s click, you can generate a stunning eBook with commercial license. Click here to learn how to create an professional eBook in minutes using SQRIBBLE.

Here are some reputed places for eBook selling.


3. Bookkeeping Jobs

Bookkeeping is another high paying work from home job for moms. You have to record and maintain the financial transactions of small to medium-level businesses. You can get paid up to $80 per hour without having any specific experience. Here are some companies who hire people for bookkeeping jobs.

4. Work on Click Wealth System – Make $50-$200/Day 

Do you want to have more money to spend on yourself and your family? Do you want to change your life? Many people lost their jobs due to COVID-19. In this situation, making money has become very difficult. But don’t worry, I found a new life-changing money making method that generates money on autopilot. You have to work part-time from anywhere. This is “Click Wealth System“. No educational background required. Click here to learn more about Click Wealth System.

5. Start A Blog

If you want to live better, you need extra money. A regular job isn’t enough to run our family well. In this case, a money making Blog can give you a decent amount of extra cash spending 1-2 hours daily in your spare time. If you want to make passive income, there is no alternative to Blogging. As a beginner, you can earn around $300-$500 per month, it may seems very low to you but after few months or one/two year, it will increase to 5/6-figure per year. Click here to learn how to start a money making blog in less than 30 minutes.

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6. Start Selling Online Courses

If you are a teacher or if you like to teach others, you can create an online course and sell it online. Selling courses is a great way to make a good figure. You can set a time for creating your digital courses like PowerPoint presentations, videos, eBooks, etc.

7. Social Media Manager/Editor/Moderator

Big companies are hiring people for managing their social media accounts. If you spend few hours a day on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, then it can be a great opportunity for you to make extra money working as a virtual social media editor or moderator for big ecommerce companies or businesses. The main responsibility of these jobs are liking, commenting, and uploading Facebook posts, Tweeting or Retweeting, Uploading YouTube videos, etc. All the tasks you can do using your phone, laptop, or tablet. The pay rate of these jobs is great. Dedication is required here. Social media jobs are perfect for US people because most clients are from United States and they trust US person. Get the jobs on indeed, flexjobs, ziprecruiter, glassdoor, upwork, and remote.

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8. Become An YouTuber To Make Upto $20,000/Yr

Making money with YouTube has become more easier now than before. If you have a smartphone, you can create an YouTube channel and make money. If you don’t have any experience working on YouTube, okay , no problem, I give you few helpful tips below.

  • First, choose a specific topic for creating YouTube channel
  • Create real videos using your smartphone
  • Upload at least one videos daily
  • Continue this for 3 months
  • Share your videos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media sites.
  • Tell your viewers to like, share, and subscribe your channel
  • Optimize your video title, description, and tag perfectly (it helps your videos to rank on sidebar)

If you can continue this process, after 3-4 months you will get few thousands of subscribers and millions of views. Then, monetize your channel with Google AdSense.

Few more tips and tricks for beginners:

Here are few most popular topic for YouTube channel as a beginner

  • Cooking
  • Recipes
  • Diet
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Mini Food Cooking
  • Shopping
  • Crafts
  • Vlogs
  • Daily lifestyle
  • Baby care

N:B: If you want to grow your channel fast and increase your views and subscribers rapidly, I recommend you to use Tubebuddy extension. This is very powerful tool that lets you get more views & increase subscribers by providing you with tools that help you optimize your content in the fastest time possible.

If you don’t have any knowledge on  how to start and become succeed on YouTube, then you should do this course.

9. Virtual Assistant Jobs ($10-50 per hour)

Big companies and businessmen often hire virtual assistant for doing their official work. It can be administrative task, data entry, word processing, bookkeeping, customer service, social media management, etc. They are so busy that’s why they hire people for helping their business remotely. You have to work remotely from home. The pay rate is great. Click here to find more info about virtual assistant jobs.

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10. Transcription Jobs

Transcription Jobs are another work from home jobs for moms that require no special experience. You have to turn audio or video files into text. These jobs are very easy to do but highly profitable. You can make up to $20-$50 per hour doing transcription jobs. There are two main types of Transcription jobs that are general transcription and medical transcription. If you are a beginner and want to work transcription jobs, then you should do this course. Here are few companies that offer transcription jobs.

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11. Make Money Sending Emails

Do you like to send emails to your friends? Then, you have a good opportunity to make a good figure just sending emails to people in your spare time. Merlin Holmes is a successful email marketer arranges a Live Webinar where he talks about his personal secrets of making money by sending emails to people. He made over $1000/day by sending emails. You can join his Free LIVE Training Webinar to learn the secret tricks of making $1K/day through email marketing.

12. Teach English Online

If you like to teach, then teaching English to other people can be a great work from home job for moms. VIPKid hires online tutors to teach English to Chinese people specially kids. They pay per hour. The pay rate is very good.

13. Become a Fiverr Seller

Fiverr is the world’s largest freelance marketplace for selling digital marketing services like graphic design, article writing, transcription, translation, SEO, web development, marketing, video creation, voice over work, etc. You can get paid from $5 to $500 per service you sell. You do not need to apply for jobs. Join on Fiverr and start creating your services as a gig and set a price. People will order you automatically. Some top Fiverr freelancer are making over $100,000 per year. If you are a beginner, then you should do this course to become a successful Fiverr freelancer quickly.

14. Become A Photographer

If you are passionate about photography, it’s a great opportunity for you to make extra cash from home selling your photos online. There are plenty of legit online photo marketplaces where you can upload your photos and get paid every day.

15. Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring is a good way to earn an extra cash working from home. If you are a teacher or if you like to teach others, this job is a perfect choice for you. As a mom, dad, teacher, student, teenager, you can do this tutoring job and make money at home. Here, I collected some legitimate companies who offer high-paying online tutoring jobs. You can check the list here


16. Website Testing Jobs

Web site testing job includes reviewing totally different web sites and giving opinions on how they are often improved. Your opinion will assist enhance the usability of websites. It may need about 15-20 minutes to test a single website. Most website testing jobs pay from $10 to $30. It’s very easy to do. As a mom, you can earn good cash doing these work from home website testing jobs. Here, I listed some high-paying legitimate website testing jobs here

17. Answer questions online

Course Hero is a great website where you can join and solve the student’s problems. This site helps high school & college students with course-related questions. If you are a teacher or if you have sound knowledge on a specific topic, you can answer and get paid every hour.

Join Course Hero

18. Use Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a great place to earn some small amount of money by working on little tasks. You can earn points by shopping online, watching videos, searching online, taking surveys, etc. After collecting the points, you can redeem them for real cash, Amazon gift cards, and more.

Join Swagbucks

19. Create An Shopify Online Store

Selling digital products is a good way to make a decent amount of money working from home. Shopify is a trusted and popular online marketplace where you create your own eCommerce store and sell digital products. Regular peoples are making $4,500-$10,000 a month selling on Shopify. It’s really an awesome work from home jobs for moms. If you have no experience how to create an ecommerce store on Shopify, then you should do this course “Shopify Power: Build An Ecommerce Website Using Shopify“.

20. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another profitable work from home opportunities for moms. You will get paid for promoting another companies product or services. You can promote both physical and digital products. Amazon is the world’s largest online shopping marketplace; you can promote its product and earn a good amount of money working from home. Clickbank is the biggest digital product marketplace where you can get paid up to 80% commission every sale. For more profit, I recommend you to promote Clickbank products. If you are a totally beginner and don’t know how to promote Clickbank product, then you should do this course “ClickBank Success – Affiliate Marketing Without A Website“.

21. Airbnb Host

Do you have an additional area in your home or condominium? Lease it out to visitors and make cash as an Airbnb host. Airbnb is an organization that lets you create a list of your home or the additional area in your home in order that visitors or guests can hire it for further money. You do that by submitting photos and everything in detail of the house, how a lot you cost, point out any guidelines that the guests have to concentrate on.  If everything is okay, the visitors or guests will make a reservation, after which inform you of the date of entry. It’s really a fantastic way to make extra cash from home.

Join Airbnb

22. Taking Surveys Online

Taking surveys online is another popular work from home jobs for moms. You can do this job using your smartphone or laptop. You have to do the following things: filling form, writing reviews, watching videos, playing games, checking apps, etc. There are different types of online surveys that you have to complete. You can get paid from $3 to $20 per survey you complete.

23. Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelance Writing Job is another high-paying work from home opportunities for moms. If you are passionate about writing, you can make up to $10,000 per month doing freelance writing jobs. You have to write various formats such as blog posts, articles, eBooks, poets, email script, video script, product reviews, product descriptions, etc. Freelance Writing Jobs are favorable for people who want to quit their regular job and ready for full-time work. If you do not have the experience, you can start this writing job. When you continue writing about new and latest articles, your experience level will grow automatically. Here, I listed a few popular freelance writing jobs below.

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