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Online tutoring job is one of the best options to make money online. You might not think that there’s a way for you to practice your profession online, but you would be surprised. There’s as much demand for every skill out there online as there is in real life.

If your field is education, you can easily make money online through home-based online tutoring jobs. What’s so great about working online is the variety! You can find a job to match your skills perfectly, that way you can offer high-quality services because you know what you’re doing and you can just do what you love most.

What is an online tutoring job?

In reality, just like a teacher teaches a student, you will teach online. It could be based on a subject, it could be a technical subject, it could be teaching English, or it could be teaching children. You can take the class online from your home by establishing video conferencing through laptop, computer, or tablet.

Where Can You Find Tutoring Jobs?

You can find legitimate online tutoring jobs in any of the sites and companies I mentioned below. All you have to do is give it a try! You never know what opportunities you can come across if you just put yourself out there. There are online tutoring jobs for any level of experience out there, even high school students can work as tutors in their free time. If you have the knowledge, you’ll find work.

Do You Need Any Experience?

Well, the first 8 companies on the list mentioned below offer online elementary tutoring jobs. These companies don’t need you to have any prior tutoring experience, what you do need to have is perfect knowledge of the subject you’ll be teaching. They will likely make some tests to see if your knowledge is sufficient to be teaching, but I am sure that won’t be a problem for you. These companies don’t need you to have any prior tutoring experience, what you do need to have is perfect knowledge of the subject you’ll be teaching. They will likely make some tests to see if your knowledge is sufficient to be teaching, but I am sure that won’t be a problem for you.

What Applications/Tools Do You Need?

Some of the tutoring platforms I mentioned below come packed with tools and applications that make teaching a lot easier. Skooli, for example, has features such as Interactive whiteboard with interchangeable backgrounds, HD audio and video, live chat with file sharing, and it allows you to record sessions. But if you’re looking for apps and tools on the side, there are many options out there such as Raptivity which offers tools such as pre-class trivia, 3d books, sticky notes, quizzes, the scenario plays to illustrate your content, etc. Bail board and Idroo are virtual board apps available for you, to share documents you can use Google Docs, you can use Skype to create video chats, you can use Camtasia to record an online tutoring course or you can use Screen-o-Matic for live tutoring sessions. These are just a few of the tools you’ll find online to make your job easier.

How Much Money Can You Make?

As it happens with many other online jobs, the pay rates will depend on several factors such as the pay rates of the company you work for, how many hours you work per week, the subjects you teach, your performance and also your qualifications/experience in the field. What I do know is that on average, you can make up to $60 per hour.

Whether you’re an experienced professional, you’re currently attending college or you’re an applied high-school student, there are many opportunities out there for you to make some profits. That’s why today I bring you a list of the best online tutoring jobs.

25+ Companies Offer Good Paying Work From Home Tutoring Jobs

#1. Cambly

This is one of the companies that offer legitimate work from home tutoring jobs. As a Cambly tutor, you’ll get to talk to students around the world through your smartphone using their app. They pay 17 cents per minute.

#2. Chegg

This is a company that pairs tutors with students. You have to be at least enrolled in a college degree program to sign up.

#3. Elevate K12

This company provides tutors to work with students in grades kindergarten through 12th. You have to be free between 8 am and 4 pm to be able to work with them.

Most Popular Work From Home Jobs:

#4. Enroll

This company offers online tutoring jobs for high school students. They pair students with the tutor and you’re 15 you can sign up.

#5. Student Tutor

This company offers tutoring services for different subjects and age groups. They don’t require college degree or experience, but you must have perfect knowledge of the subjects. They pay $16 per hour for academic subjects and $23 per hour for SAT/ACT preparation.

#6. Studypool

This company pairs tutors with students who need specific questions to be answered.


To work with this company you have to have great knowledge on a subject or be enrolled in college. You’ll have to pass tests to get accepted and your pay depends on the subject you teach. Only hiring U.S or Canada residents.

#8. Yup

Perfect for college students to get a tutoring job! You’ll have to prove your knowledge through tests and your experience/performance will determine how much you get paid.

#9. Aim-For-A

This is a company that offers tutoring jobs and people with a Bachelor’s degree in the subjects they want to teach.

#10. Brainfuse

This site offers tutors to college students, so you’ll need to meet some qualifications.

#11. Brainmass

This company offers online tutoring jobs for people with a graduate degree, or at least you have to be working to get it. They offer downloadable guides, question and answers, and custom help solutions for students. So you can apply and write academic content for them.

#12. Edgenuity

This company provides tutors to K-12 students. You’ll need a state certification and one year of teaching experience although 3 or more would be better.


This company provides English tutoring jobs to help train students and professionals.

#14. Instructional Connections

They offer assistant to students on different subjects. You’ll need a graduate degree in the specific subject you want to teach.

#15. Kaplan

This is a company that offers academic solutions. Certification and level of experience required can vary depending on the subject.

#16. LearnLight

They provide language training services. You’ll need foreign language certification and at least two years of teaching experience.

#17. MathElf

This company offers math tutoring jobs. Necessary: Bachelor’s degree and at least one year of experience teaching math.

#18. Pearson

This is another great company that offers online tutoring jobs. You’ll need a graduate degree and relevant teaching experience according to the subject of your choice.

#19. PrepNow

They offer to tutor specific to math, SAT prep, and ACT prep. Tutors need to have a minimum ACT or SAT scores, a Bachelor’s degree and at least two years’ worth of experience teaching.


This is another language learning company. They focus on many languages and they also have other subjects available. Tutors choose their own rates and working hours, the students will find you.

#21. Revolution Prep

This company offers full-time tutoring jobs. You’ll need a Bachelor’s degree, experience teaching and creating lesson plans.

#22. Rosetta Stone

You can be a part of the Rosetta Stone language coaches; you’ll need at least a four-year degree.

#23. Skooli

To sign up as a Skooli tutor you’ll need a Bachelor’s degree and teaching certification.

#24. TutaPoint

This company offers online math and science tutoring. You’ll need a couple of years of teaching experience and be certified.

#25. TutorABC

This company offers great tutoring jobs. Its application process is a bit particular; you’ll need to make a video so they can judge how presentable you are.

#26. TutorMe

This is another company that pairs tutors with students and they offer a wide range of 300 subjects. Student feedback and performance will determine how much you get paid.

#27. TutorVista

This company requires a Master’s degree and they specialize in Math, English, Physics, Statistics, Chemistry, and Biology tutoring.