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Are you a teen? Are you looking for some genuine online jobs for teens? You have come to the right place. Today, many teenagers are making money online at home by doing odd jobs. Depending on your skills and experience, you can choose any types of online jobs to make cash online totally free and fast.

20+ Remote Work From Home Jobs for Teenagers

Here are some most popular, legit and profitable online jobs for teens who are between (13-18). Get your desired work at home jobs for teenagers below.

1. Online Proofreading Jobs

Proofreading job is an excellent way of making money online for the teenager in the comfort of your home. The key responsibility is just for you to check written articles, book content, as well as other materials by modifying them according to standard English grammar by ensuring no spelling and grammatical errors exists. Therefore, you can apply for these types of jobs if you have enough skills and knowledge. Follow the list of companies who are hiring for the proofreader.

2. Freelance Jobs Online

Freelance jobs offer you an opportunity to work as a writer, performer, designer, programmer, or the like, marketing or selling services. You can choose to be paid per hour, day, or even month, rather than you working on a given regular salary basis for a particular employer. Payment depends on the nature of the work. Follow the list of the popular freelance marketplace where you will get thousands of NEW jobs daily.

3. Online Voiceover Jobs

You have to record your voice according to a text or script provided by the client. The demand for voice over jobs is very high. Some of the Voiceover jobs include audiobooks, TV shows, movies, commercials, documentary television, video games as well as multimedia. Provided you have these skills, you can be able to apply for any of these jobs and complete them online to be paid. However, you must specialize on where you have more skills and expertise if you want a good paycheck. Follow the list of popular companies who offer good paying voice over jobs.

4. Online Video Creation Jobs

The Video creation jobs provide an opportunity for those people who have skills and talents in the field. Video creation work allows you to use your creativity as well as digital technology skills to create a content. It offers several aspects of any career in film as well as video editing. Here is a list of popular sites where you will get high paying voice over jobs.

5. Online Resume Writing Jobs

Resume writing job is another good online job that you can try. It offers you the first-rate professional and customized resume writing services, which will provide people with helpful career tips at the same time enabling them to help get their careers on track. You must have excellent English when communicating the skills and experience of your employees. Here are few popular companies who provide high paying resume writing jobs.

6. Translation Jobs

You may work as a translator where you will help people understand other languages. And, You can choose to work as a professional translator by offering the services for websites, text, and documents. You must be excellent in other types of language to be able to execute your duty perfectly well. Here are some popular companies who offer a lot of high paying translation jobs.

7. Virtual Assistant Jobs

A virtual Assistant Job is where you work as a virtual personal assistant or online personal office assistant. This is where you help provide a wide range of administrative assistance to people or clients from home. These jobs are different from the common call center job since you offer customer care for the needs of customers from home. Here is a list of some companies who hire the dedicated virtual assistant.

8. Web Testing Jobs

By working as a website Tester, you will ensure that websites are pretty easy to navigate. However, you must have skills that would enable people to navigate through the websites whenever they are browsing. This simplifies the major struggles for those who own websites when attracting visitors. Here are few sites where you will get most profitable web testing jobs.

9. Online Accounts/Bookkeeping Jobs

In accounts/bookkeeping Jobs, you will be responsible for a wide range of duties that include general accounting, payroll, financial statements, and payroll tax computations. Since basic accounts/bookkeeping knowledge, you will be able to execute these simple tasks to earn money from your home online.  Here is a list of few companies who offer various part time and full-time freelance bookkeeping jobs from home.

10. Online Chat Jobs/Email Supports

Chat Jobs/Email supports provides you with an opportunity of assisting customers through either email or even chat. You will help customers with their online orders or by providing necessary support. However, you must have necessary linguistic skills that will allow you to reply emails well. Here is a list of few companies who offer various home based online live chat jobs or email support jobs.

11. Online Data Entry Jobs

In data entry jobs, you will work as a data entry clerk where you will work by entering or updating data into a system of a computer. You will be required to enter data into a computer from several paper documents using an optical scanner, a keyboard, or a data recorder. Here is a list of few companies who offer genuine part time and full-time online data entry jobs without investment.

12. Online Graphic Design Jobs

By working as a graphic designer online, you will have the job of processing visual communication at the same time-solving problems using one or even more of photography, typography, and illustration. You must have skills of a graphic designer if you want to give out the best results for more payment. Here are few sites where you will get online graphic design jobs.

13. Online Transcription Jobs

When doing transcription jobs, you will have a job of transcribing and interpreting the dictation into simple language. In addition, you will do diagnostic test results, referral letters, operative reports, and other documents. You must have skills and experience to build your reputation.

14. Online Moderation Jobs

Moderation jobs allow working as a moderator especially in online discussions. For you to do these types of jobs online, you must have wealth of experience. You will be able to do many jobs online and be paid according to the number of hours that you have moderated.

15. Online Micro Jobs

A micro job is often a temporary, or task-type job of many types, mostly booked via the Internet. Your work may include online or even in-person jobs, like writing blogs, handyman, nanny, virtual assistant website design, errands, or dog boarding etc. With skills, you can choose the type of job you would like to do.

16. Baby Sitting Jobs

In babysitting jobs or nanny jobs, you will work occasionally for numerous families. You will have time to set schedule with one or many families and potentially do additional responsibilities. You must have skills on how to differentiate the care needs of different kids. Follow the site below to get good paying baby sitting jobs near you.

17. Affiliate Marketing

Working as an affiliate marketer, you will earn a commission through promoting other company’s (or people’s) products. You will find your preferred product by promoting it to others before earning a piece of profit every time you make a sale. You should have excellent marketing skills to execute your duty perfectly well.

18. Online Survey Jobs

The internet does provide many ways to make money. And taking surveys online is a great way to do that in your spare time. It’s probably the easiest way to make money on the internet.

19. Online Tutoring Jobs

Online tutoring jobs are the one which has gained the position on the top in the area of teaching. Many companies give the opportunities to the youths to become a freelancer in which they have to provide their services from their home itself. The most common and the demanding online tutoring jobs are to be an online Math and English tutor. Here is a list of some good paying online tutoring jobs for teenagers.

The above are some of the work at home online jobs for teens that you can try today. When you try any of these online jobs, you will be able to make money right from the comfort of your home. Thank you for reading our recommended online jobs. I hope this above free and legit online jobs will help you to make money online as a teenager.

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