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There are many good ways to create an income from home, but those that require you to use your hands and have some creativity can be the most rewarding. If products appeal to a broad audience or niche market on Etsy, they could sell very well. Creating and selling crafts is an excellent way to boost your income. Here are 50 easy DIY crafts to make and sell for profit on Etsy.

1. Wire Wrapped Glass Pendant

Wire wrapped jewelry is an easy way to add some flair to your designs without learning a new skill set. You can find inexpensive beads or crystal charms at craft stores like Michael’s or even use items around your house like buttons or old jewelry pieces! All you need is wire—and lots of it!—to create these pendants, which are easy enough for anyone with basic jewelry-making skills and materials to create at home.

2. Jewelry Roll

If you’ve got lots of jewelry laying around that you don’t wear anymore but don’t want to throw away because they’re still in good condition (or maybe they have sentimental value), consider turning them into a piece of art instead!

3. Burned Ikea Cork Trivets

This DIY craft is perfect if you love cooking and entertaining friends! This trivet can be customized with any saying or design that suits your needs perfectly—think “Happy Birthday” or “We’re Getting Married!”.

4. Super Easy Lace Bowl

This lace bowl is perfect for storing jewelry or loose change, and it only takes a few minutes to make. All you need is lace and a glue gun!

5. Adorable Flower Pens

These pens come in various colors and patterns, so you can customize them to fit any occasion or style. They also make great gifts for friends, family members, and coworkers!

6. Mason Jar Oil Candles

If you love candles but don’t have the time or space for an entire candle-making operation, try making these oil candles instead! All you need is some fabric paint and some glass jars from your kitchen cabinets—you can even use old jars that were previously used for food storage if they’re clean enough to reuse (make sure they’re scorched before starting!).

7. Easy Tray Chalkboard

Start with an old tray (or buy one at a thrift store) and cover it with chalkboard paint. Then use a pencil to draw fun designs like rainbows or flowers onto your new chalkboard tray. If you want to get more detailed, you can always use a stencil!

8. Gold Leaf Vase

This project is perfect for people who love doodle and color but don’t have the patience to paint intricate designs. Just wrap some gold leaf around a vase, which will make it look like someone spent hours decorating it! You can even add writing or images if you won’t—be sure that whatever you write is permanent so it doesn’t wash off when the vase gets wet later on down the road.

9. Wood Slice Owl Decor

These owls are adorable and easy to make! Using simple tools like a saw & drill bit, you can create these cute owls for display in your home or give them away as gifts to friends and family members who love owls too!

10. No-Sew Microwaveable Rice Heating Pads

These heating pads are perfect if you have sore muscles or want something warm to snuggle up with while watching tv at night after work.

11. Pretty Metal Roses

Most people don’t know how easy working with clay and wire is! You can make these lovely metal roses by shaping the clay into petals, baking the petals, and then gluing them together with wire. They’re a great way to add a pop of color to a desk or bookshelf.

12. Stacked Wire Bangles

These gorgeous bangles are made by stacking several thin wires together, carefully curving them into shape, and then binding them together with electrical tape. Once comfortable making wire bangles, you can start adding beads and other decorations!

13. Lemon Peppercorn Body Scrub Bars

Make your bath products by combining coconut oil with lemon zest, brown sugar, and peppercorns. Cut them into bars once they’ve hardened, wrap them in cellophane or parchment paper, and add clear labels, so buyers know what they’re getting!

14. Beautiful Photo Coasters

Beautiful photo coasters are a great way to personalize your coffee table, and they make a perfect gift! Some simple supplies, like ceramic tile and Mod Podge, can make this project a breeze to create. You could even use these as mediums for unique photos of loved ones.

15. Herbal Bath Teas

Make bath time more relaxing for friends, family members, and customers by creating herbal bath teas. These can be made with simple materials you may already have at home, making them convenient, easy DIY crafts to make and sell for profit on Etsy!

16. Pallet Wood Planter Box

Pallets are cheap and easy to find, so why not make something useful? This DIY project is a great way to use up any leftover wood scraps lying around your house.

17. Clothespin Wreath

Clothespins aren’t just helpful—they’re also fun! Turn them into a wreath with this simple DIY project, which will only take you about an hour to complete.

18. Boho Chic Jewelry Tray

This tray is perfect for storing jewelry, keys, or other small items in an organized way. It’s also pretty enough to decorate your room with!

19. Mason Jar Pin Cushion

Mason jars are another favorite crafting material because they are versatile and easy to work with! Make one of these adorable pincushions for yourself or someone else as a gift this holiday season!

20. Vintage Candles In Teacup

These candles look like miniature teacups with tea lights inside them! They’re beautiful, unique, and easy to make once you’ve got your supplies together!

21. Yarn Wrapped Ombre Monogrammed Letter

This DIY project is great because it’s easy to make but still impressive in its presentation. All you need is yarn, an old letter, and glue. Wrap the string around the letter in different colors and sizes of yarn until you’ve covered it completely. Then use a hot glue gun to attach the ends to look like one piece of crafty goodness!

22. Fabric Thread On A Spool Ornament

This craft is perfect for crafters who don’t have much time or money to invest in their business! All you need is fabric thread (or any other type of string), an empty spool from an office supply store, and some glue sticks or other small objects (like buttons) to decorate your ornament when it’s finished.

23. Wine Cork Magnet Planters

These are great for those looking for a cute way to grow herbs and other plants indoors! These planters are super simple to make, but they’re also entertaining! You can make them in any color scheme that you like based on what type of flowers or plants you want to grow inside them (i.e., if you wish to have yellow flowers, then use yellow thread).

24. Pine Cone Fire Starters

These would be perfect for selling at outdoor markets during the summer months—they look great when arranged together in groups on a table where people can buy them!

These fire starters make a great addition to any campfire!

25. Bottle Cap Wine Charms

These wine charms make the perfect gift for that special someone who loves wine!

26. Colorful Clothespin Trivets

These are a fun and easy way to use up your odds and ends of yarn. You can make them with different colors and patterns, but they’ll look fabulous no matter what!

27. Rustic Wood Arrows

These are a great craft for anyone who loves the outdoors or likes rustic decorating ideas. They’re also a straightforward project that will only take about an hour or two to complete, so if you’re looking for something quick and easy, this could be it!

28. Cute Yarn Balls

These little yarn balls are perfect for your next crafting session! They’re super simple to make and are sure to add some color to your home decor—or even make an excellent gift for someone special in your life!

29. Mini Succulent Planters

Succulents are becoming more popular every day—and these mini planters are sure to be a hit with any succulent lover out there! The best part? This is another quick and easy project that’ll take about an hour or two from start to finish, perfect.

30. Animal Key Holders

These animal key holders are a great way to turn keys into something cute and colorful. With this project, you can use your creativity to make a variety of tiny animals that will fit on the end of your key chain. Just choose a mold that you like and let your imagination run wild!

31. Frame Pin Cushion

A-frame pincushion is an excellent gift for anyone who sews and quilts. This project allows you to customize it in any way you want: using different frames and fabrics to create a one-of-a-kind piece that’s perfect for crafting or sewing!

32. Dollar Store Picture Frame And Message Board

A dollar store picture frame can be transformed into a message board with a bit of paint, some fabric, and some ribbon.

33. Easy Nautical Coasters

These coasters are easy to make and will sell like hotcakes on Etsy! They’re the perfect addition to any home decor with a nautical theme, but they can also be used as hostess gifts or even wedding favors.

34. Dog Station Holds Leash And Mason Jar Treats

Dog owners love having their pup’s leash in one place and treat in another—and this station is perfect for keeping everything together! Just attach it to any doorknob or wall hook, and you’re ready!

35. Mirror Boxes

Mirror boxes are great for weddings or other special occasions like anniversaries or birthdays because they give an elegant look without spending a lot of money on unique props or decorations when you’re trying to save money! They’re also great if you have pets who like looking at themselves because they’ll have something new to stare at instead of just their reflections!

36. Recycled Box Notepads

Everyday objects can become art with a bit of imagination and paint. These notepads are made from recycled boxes, so they’re eco-friendly too!

37. Upcycled Glam Napkin Rings

You can create these unique napkin rings by cutting out the center of old picture frames and covering them with fabric scraps. They’re great for parties or as gifts!

38. Creative Glass Bead Vase

This vase is made from old wine bottles, emptied, and filled with glass beads. It’s a beautiful decoration for any home.

39. Vintage Bandana Bowl Covers

Another eco-friendly craft involves upcycling old bandanas into bowl covers! They’re easy to make and look great in any kitchen!

40. Dotted Sharpie Mugs

Sharpie mugs are all the rage right now—and it’s no wonder why! This easy craft involves painting your design onto an already-made mug with a Sharpie pen.

41. Oversized Sleep Mask

Do you know who loves sleep? Everyone. So why not make a sleep mask for them, with extra room for their long eyelashes?

42. Aromatherapy Jewelry For Essential Oils

A scent can be powerful, so why not give someone unique an essential oil bracelet or necklace that can help bring about relaxation, balance, and even fun? This is an excellent option for people who love natural oils and their relaxing properties.

43. Mod Podge Bowls

Do you want to make someone a handmade gift that they’ll love forever? Then the answer is obvious: mod podge bowls. They’re cute, colorful, and hold anything from candy to car keys to change.

44. Dremel Carved Rocks

This is a fun, simple project that makes an excellent gift or keepsake. You can use any rock and any color of paint—you can even mix colors! Then, use your Dremel to carve out a design on the rock’s surface. The method could be anything from your name and a date to a heart with an arrow through it! The possibilities are endless, so have fun with it!

45. Beaded Wish Bracelets

These bracelets are perfect for anyone who wants to give something unique but still keep it simple. They’re made by stringing together glass beads in different patterns and colors, then attaching them to the leather cord with either clasps or knots (depending on which method you prefer). If you want to add some extra flair, consider adding charms like hearts or flowers at the end of each strand of beads—they can make your bracelet look especially pretty!

46. Pottery Barn Inspired Decorative Mirrors

Make a Pottery Barn mirror replica using a blank frame and paint. You can find a wide variety of styles online. You can also find paint colors that mimic the style of the Pottery Barn mirrors you want to make your version of.

47. Beaded Wish Bracelets

Make beaded wish bracelets and sell them on Etsy! These are popular with people of all ages, especially kids who want to make their version of this classic craft. If you’re not sure how to do it, there are tons of tutorials online that will show you how! Just include how many beads are needed for each bracelet in your listing so buyers know what they’re getting into before ordering!

48. Iron Transfer Tote

This project is easy and fun—and it’s a great way to add some flair to your wardrobe while supporting your favorite sports team. The supplies are easy enough that anyone can do it, and the finished product will look like you paid a lot more than you did!

49. Ribbon Bookmarks

Give your friends and family some love by making them custom bookmarks with ribbons attached. It’s easy enough that even kids could do it (but don’t let them use sharp scissors!). You’ll want to keep one for yourself too!

50. Washi Tape Upcycled Mint Tins

Mint tins are always handy, but they’re not always pretty! Turn that problem around by adding washi tape in whatever pattern or color you want—or use multiple colors! These are great for holding change or keeping jewelry organized in drawers or cabinets around the house.

Wrapping Up

Making crafts and selling them on Etsy can be a very lucrative business. Creating and selling arts and homemade products at craft fairs is lucrative. DIY crafts can be made with a wide variety of materials. Crafting often uses up scrap material that would otherwise be thrown away.