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In times of economic recession, people find themselves tough. In addition to an everyday struggle, their expenses have increased because living costs are higher than most can afford with their shrinking incomes. But there are ways not just to maintain your lifestyle but make it more enjoyable. One of them is through shopping on a cash-back apps that offers instant rebates.

If you’re looking for ways to save time, money, and effort when grocery shopping, these cash back apps are for you.

11 Best Cash Back Apps for Grocery Shopping

1. Ibotta

This app is free and offers some of the most generous cash-back bonuses. It pays outright at the register with a one-time $5 reward that’s guaranteed.

2. Fetch Rewards

This app is exclusive to Target shoppers and provides a 1% rebate on every purchase. That’s 15% cash-back for every purchase, on top of the 5% you might be getting from your credit card.

3. Shopkick

This free app allows you to use your smartphone to “shopkick” store foot traffic and earn rewards and freebies at many chain retailers around the country. It tracks your walking activity to earn points towards gift cards and other prizes throughout the day.

4. Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog tracks all of your receipts, which is excellent for your records, and then you can use that information when shopping for a deal. Not only will you find discounts on items already on sale, but the app will track items that are advertised at the lowest price. You’ll be surprised how much money you can save when shopping with this app.

5. Coupons.Com

This app makes couponing as simple as clicking on links on your smartphone and adding them to your online shopping cart at checkout. You’ll get a discount based on the number of available coupons that are in the system, plus any cash back rewards you might receive from Ibotta or Fetch Rewards

6. Coinout

CoinOut isn’t a cash-back app, but it’s still a useful free app to help you save money while shopping. With Coin Out, you’ll be able to find all of the best deals and coupons in town in just one spot.

7. ReceiptPal

Your Android phone’s built-in camera has more uses than just selfies and capturing memories — it can get you money back. That’s right: ReceiptPal lets you take pictures of your receipts and earn rewards for your purchases.

8. Checkout 51

Similar to Receipt Hog and Ibotta, Checkout 51 tracks all of your receipts and gives you money back on them to save money on groceries or anything else that’s bought with a loyalty card.

9. Rakuten

Rakuten is one of the best money-saving apps because it’ll save you money on groceries, diapers, and anything else you need at the grocery store. Rakuten will show you all of the coupons available for items and even send you an alert when a great deal is available.

10. Dosh

Dosh doesn’t do much, but it’s still a great app to download if you use multiple cash-back apps. It allows you to see all of the cash-back you have available quickly and then use that money on whatever you need.

11. GetUpside

Shoppers get $5 just for signing up but can earn more if they use the app to make purchases through their favorite stores’ vendor registries. GetUpside is an app that’ll help you discover restaurants, flights, and hotels that are being sold at a discounted price. You’ll never have to pay the total price again.