Who doesn’t want to earn easy money on the go? In fact, there are some mobile apps that actually allow you to earn money in your spare time. You can use them while running errands or in your spare time to make money. However, take into consideration that the best apps will pay in cash, through Paypal in most cases. Others will offer rewards and points which can be redeemed for gift certificates.

If you find yourself short of cash, every month using applications that will pay you to play games, answer questions, take photos, and complete different tasks are worthy of consideration. Here are the 30 best money making apps.

Apps That Pay For Completing Tasks


A mystery shopping application you will receive missions to visit different stores, take advice from salespeople, notes on pricing, and photographs.

Join BeMyEye

Spare 5

This app will pay you to complete some tasks if you have spare time, you can also use their website to complete some assignments.

Join Spare5

Field Agent

This app will pay you when you complete a task such as information gathering. For example, uploading photographs that you’ve taken of different displays in different stores.

Join FieldAgent


This is an application that will pay you the exercise. So in case you need any extra encouragement to get out and do a lot of walking, you can accrue coins that you can redeem per actual cash.

Join Sweatcoin


If you’ve got a skill to sell fiber will offer your services to the public. People are content to pay for things like web development graphic design or freelance writing just to name a few.

Join Fiverr

Best Money Making Apps For Games And Downloads


If you like gaming, this is the app for you to download the game to suggest play it for a select amount of time and collect points that you can redeem.

Get Fitplay

Make Money – iOS

This application pays you money for doing a variety of different things such as installing apps, playing games and downloading and rating different applications.

Get Make Money

Applike – Android

Not dissimilar to fitplay download certain games and play them to redeem points that you can then exchange for certain rewards.

Get Applike

Coin Pop – Android

Yet another application that will pay you to play games, try out different games they will give you points that you can redeem for cash.

Get Coin Pop

Apps For Making Money From Your Receipts


You can use this application on both Android and Apple you upload your receipts answer some questions, collect tokens, and fill out some surveys to earn some extra cash.

Get Shoppix

Receipt Hog

An app that will let you take photos of your receipts using an Android or an iPhone, upload your receipt to the application, answer some questions regarding your shopping. Sit back and collect your coins on these can be redeemed for cash.

Get Receipt Hog

Snap My Eats

Similar to the applications mentioned above, this one is slightly different as you’ll be asked to upload receipts specifically for something to eat. It will pay you £1 for every three receipts you have uploaded, but they limit you to £5 a month which is 15 different receipts which you’ll get in the form of Amazon vouchers since you every month.

Get Snap My Eats


Another application that will reward you for sharing information about your grocery shopping complete some surveys and receive values and receive vouchers in exchange.

Get Huyu

Social Money Making Apps


This application that pays social media influencers, connect your Twitter our Instagram account and you can get make cash based on your social capital score.


Apps For Taking Surveys

Curious Cat

Just a survey app that shows you a list of daily tasks and how much each of these surveys will be worth to you.

Get Curious Cat


If you sign up taking surveys for money, this one is nearly identical to curious cat and worth a try.

Get Qmee


This app os going to ask you to take a survey on a variety of different things including current affairs, politics, and other such topics. The surveys can be worth in around 50p, it usually keeps them short.

Get YouGov


An application that will pay you to provide information about your shopping and food habits. Answer they usually present their questions and which to you in the form of pictures, asking your preferences and opinions.

Get Vypr


Application is a little different presenting their surveys in the form of a chat. They’re called stories and you can talk about your personal experience with different products.

Get Streetbees


This survey app pays you directly via PayPal. Once you’ve earned £5, you are free to withdraw your money.

Get Attapoll


This is a survey application with a twist it involves you giving your answers via video responses.

Get Voxpopme


Short and sweet of this app is if you are asked a question, answer it and you get paid.

Get 1Q

Survey Bods

Survey taking on this application will allow you to earn points equal to pennies once you receive 1500 points you can cash it out for a 15 pounds in either Amazon vouchers or you can get a transfer directly to your bank account.

Get SurveyBods

Citizen Me

This App will pay you directly to your PayPal account, receive a notification, complete the survey, and you receive your cash however surveys are sometimes scarce.

Get Citizen Me


Why there’s little or no effort involved in using this app, it’s a slow earner install on your phone and every time you open it you might get location-based survey and be able to earn points.

Get PanelApp


Another app that pays you into PayPal each answer is usually worth around five pence and you will receive notifications if you have questions.

Get Enlightly

Some Cashback Apps

Checkout Smart

This application is straightforward and works like a cash back app when you enter your preferred shop browse through any offers that are available, take your photograph of your seat and claim your cash back.

Get Checkout Smart


Run by QuidCo getting another application that offers you supermarket cash back it operates the same as any other.

Get ClickSnap


Anytime you shop online, the quidco on app, designed to offer you cash back on some items you purchase. You will also get 10 pounds free off your first cash back application.

Join Quidco


This application partners with hundreds of different retailers to offer you cashback on different purchases.

Join TopCashback


Cleo to the capital application that works as an automatic savings app paying you 5 lb just to create a wallet and 5 lb for every referral who signs up from your recommendation.

Get Cleo

Any of these applications will not keep a roof over your head, but if you have some spare time, downloading 5 or 10 of them will surely be worth your while.

7 Other Paid Apps You Can Try

  • Qriket
  • Voxpopme
  • Walmart
  • InboxDollars
  • Surveys On The Go
  • iPoll
  • TapCash


This free mobile app to download is available for Android and iOS devices. You have to spin a wheel by pressing a button to win money. Select one with two colors, blue or yellow. If the wheel stops on the selected color, you can win prize money starting from $0.05 cents.


Using this app, you will get paid for voicing your opinion. It asks to express your views on services, products, and advertisements of leading brands. An easy to manage profile is created with a single click using your Facebook login. Affiliate companies offer cash back through PayPal for sharing your 15-second video on this app.


This app is available for Android and iPhone users in the USA and Puerto Rico. Download the app and shop at Walmart to get a receipt. Now, scan this receipt on the app for price matching. If there are retailers offering a lesser price, Walmart will pay the difference via a gift card.


This app offers cash for taking surveys, reading the emails, playing online games, redeeming the coupons, and lots of other exciting things. Download the app to start taking the tasks immediately. You can earn cash for every effort. It gives an amazing signup bonus of $5 as well.

Surveys On The Go

This app is quite similar to InboxDollars because it pays in cash, and not reward points. Usually, a few surveys are available every month and you will be notified as they become available. It is a well-protected app that is simple to use, and will not transfer, sell, or forward your personal details.


The iOS and Android users can earn a lot of reward points, gift cards, subscriptions, and much more by completing 15-20 minutes’ survey on this app. After download, it shares surveys according to your personal interests. You can
earn cash and participation in the Quarterly Prize Draw of $1250 CAD.


A simple app to earn money daily. TapCash asks you to perform simple tasks like registering websites, watching videos, downloading apps, and others. Enjoy a 10% VIP bonus if you verify your account on Facebook. You can redeem these points for gift cards, PayPal cash, etc.

This is a rundown of the 7 best money-making apps that you can try to earn incredible rewards. Download them from Google Play and iTunes to maximize your chances of getting paid via PayPal on a monthly or weekly basis. So, use your smartphone and start earning cash today.

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