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Are you a teen? Do you interested in business. Okay, here I have listed top 10 small business ideas for teens that you can start with zero or very low investment. So, lets start.

1. Car Washing

One of the most common business ideas for teens is car washing. It is a rather effective idea since a lot of people enjoy having a shiny car but sadly do not have the time to wash it, meaning that it is possible to get some profit by starting a simple car washing business where all that is needed is a bucket, soft sponge, window cleaners and elbow-grease for a nice polishing.

However, it would be wise to start slow, try to get some profit by washing the cars of relatives or close friends, and after you have gained some experience, ask neighbors or individuals from nearby communities.

2. Pet Sitting/Dog Walker

Another business idea that is currently popular is pet sitting. It is ideal for those who love to stay around animals and know how to handle their behavior and nature. Being a dog walker is an extremely flexible business since it is possible to arrange efficient hours and normally the clients provide all the required supplies needed such as treats, leashes, and information about the pet’s preferences.

3. Housesitting

A lot of families tend to travel in summer or in scheduled vacations, and since they will be pretty far from home, they require someone to stop by the house and collect the mail, water plants, check that everything is in order and do some other minor things. It is a nice idea as teens can earn some extra money by lending their hands to families who want to travel but are troubled about leaving their property unwatched.

4. Selling Handmade Crafts

For those who are extremely creative and have the skills to prepare good handmade crafts, it is possible to make some profit out of these skills by selling the best creations. Start by selling to close friends, relatives, and neighbors, and after this, you could try to set up a business website to sell the crafts to larger audiences on the internet.

5. Start a Blog

It is surprising to see how many teens have made a large profit by establishing their own blogs. It is excellent for those who have a decent understanding of tech, writing skills, and a passion for specific topics or storytelling. The most difficult part about this idea is building an audience, which might take a while to achieve, but after this point, everything becomes easier and it will be possible to partner with advertisers and affiliate marketing programs to make even more profit.

6. Tutoring

Those who have a good understanding of complicated topics might be able to make a good profit by using their skills to teach others. It is possible to provide individual or group tutoring in those subjects that you excel in, try to start with some friends to test your tutoring skills, and after you manage to hone your skills, expand your tutoring and prepare others for upcoming tests.

7. Cleaning

Not everyone likes to clean their property, maybe because they do not have the time or motivation to do it on their own. That is where you could make some profit, especially if you are someone who manages to clean rooms or closed areas at a fast pace. A cleaning business can leave you some excellent profit, but finding clients might be a little bit complicated due to the existence of affordable professional cleaning services.

8. Babysitting

Something that is not made for everyone but still manages to leave some nice profit. It is a classic business idea as it offers flexibility, entertaining moments, and a lot of unique situations that might try your patience and knowledge. Families who request babysitting services tend to offer everything needed for the endeavor, so all that is needed is patience, a little bit of knowledge, and families that request your service. Try to start with families of the community or close relatives to start building a solid reputation.

9. Baking

Selling your baking goodies might be a good idea to start making some profit, especially if you manage to find loyal clients who love your baking. However, it is something that requires skill, patience, organization and so much more because you will have to provide the materials, preparation and sometimes you might even have to deliver everything to the client’s house.

10. Social Media Influencer

While it is something that not everyone can achieve, those who have managed to find the formula of building an audience on social media can enjoy a nice profit by talking about products, telling stories, sharing memes and so much more. Those who have a unique personality may have a business on their hands, but it is definitely something that requires a little bit of skill and luck as there will be hundreds (if not millions) of competitors.