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Paid focus groups are a type of marketing research that pays participants for their time and opinion. These focus groups are often used to explore consumer preferences and issues, such as consumer satisfaction with a particular product or service. These focus groups are usually conducted by professional research companies that employ moderators who direct the focus group and guide the discussion on the topic at hand. The research company will recruit individuals for a specific focus group to meet with for their specific needs or project. Below are 15 high-paying paid focus groups that pay up to $40-$120 an hour.

1. L & E Research Institute

The L & E Research Institute is one of the leading paid focus groups in the United States. They provide a wide range of research services, including consumer and marketing research, consumer surveys, and focus groups. The company has been conducting paid focus groups for over many years, allowing them to have a vast knowledge base on numerous topics in the market.

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2. Respondent Research Systems

Respondent Research Systems is a market research company that conducts paid focus groups. They provide a variety of different types of paid focus groups, including quantitative and qualitative research. Their clientele includes pharmaceutical, medical device, and industrial companies across multiple industries.

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3. 20|20 Panel

20|20 Panel is an international research firm that provides paid focus groups on a variety of topics. They offer their participants the opportunity to discuss with like-minded individuals and be part of a diverse group. 20|20 Panel also allows their participants to be compensated for their time. The company conducts research on a variety of topics, including healthcare and pharmaceutical studies.

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4. provides a platform for customers to sell and for manufacturers to buy. The website allows customers who want to buy products or services to sign up and post requests. Manufacturers can search the requests and send offers, which are accepted or rejected by the customer. This serves as a way for companies to offer trials, focus groups, etc., to generate revenue, with customers compensated for their time participating in focus groups and other activities.

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5. Adler Weiner Research

The company conducts qualitative, quantitative, and online research for a wide array of industries, including healthcare, financial services, travel, and high-tech. Adler Weiner Research has been in operation since the 1960s, and they have a strong base of clients.

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6. Consumer Opinion Services

Consumer Opinion Services provides a variety of different qualitative, quantitative, and online research services. The company provides services to a wide range of industries, including banking, SaaS/IT, retail, and more. They also provide focus groups with participants paid for their time. The company has been in business for over 30 years.

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7. Find Focus Groups

Find Focus Groups provides a variety of focus groups for sale. The company has research and marketing professionals who can design custom studies to meet a client’s specific needs. They can provide researchers with their extensive base of participants, along with compensation for their time. The company prides itself on the quality of its work, which has won them several awards.

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8. Google Usability

Google Usability provides information to help designers and developers improve their website’s user experience. The website has a variety of different focus groups that pay participants for their time. These focus groups are based on topics that include: accessibility, performance, real-world user experience, visual design, content, and more.

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9. Focus Group by Schlesinger

Focus Group by Schlesinger is a research firm that conducts paid focus groups on a variety of topics. They provide subjects, moderators, and compensation to participants. The company has conducted focus groups in over 50 countries and continues to expand its client base. The company strives to provide customers with quality research information at a reasonable rate.

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10. Apex Focus Group

Apex Focus Group provides a variety of services, including focus groups and online surveys. They use their extensive network of panelists and moderators to conduct focus groups. The company has over 25 years of experience, providing clients with valuable feedback that has resulted in customer satisfaction.

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11. Nelson Recruiting

The company was launched in 1980, and they provide focus groups on a variety of topics. These include telecommunications, automotive, pharmaceutical and more. They pride themselves on the fact that they recruit their participants in person, meaning they avoid having participants who aren’t qualified to take part in the research. The company pays participants for their time and also provides them with a wide array of topics.

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12. PRC Market Research

PRC Market Research provides a wide array of different services. These include focus groups, valuable research, surveys, and more. They can provide clients with valuable responses from diverse participants that allow the client to determine what type of research is required for their particular topic.

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13. Probe Market Research

Probe Market Research provides a variety of focus groups, surveys, and other research services. They have been in business for over 35 years and pride themselves on their ability to provide valuable information using their extensive network of participants. The company also provides focus groups with compensation for the time spent participating. The focus group pays between 50-400 USD per subject, depending on the study.

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14. User Interviews

User Interviews is a company that provides focus groups and online surveys. They pride themselves on their focus group participants and the information they provide. The company tries to recruit participants through phone calls, emails, or referrals from clients. They can guarantee the quality of their surveys and focus groups since they undergo rigorous screening of their panelists. The average payment per hour is between $40-$200.

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15. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie provides online surveys and focus groups, as well as live interviews. The company can provide participants with a variety of topics from a wide range of industries on its website. They have a deep pool of qualified participants that the company recruits through phone calls, email, Facebook ads, and other means.

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There are many different ways to conduct focus groups, online focus groups, and other different types of research. When conducting a focus group, it is important to select the right company that can provide you with the right focus group participants. The best way to do that is through reviews of companies. Focus groups have become increasingly important for conducting market research, which is why companies are becoming more and more popular as a way to get feedback from a wide variety of people.