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Have you ever wondered if you can make money as a calligraphy artist? Yes, it is possible. You can make a lot of money using your artist skills. You can turn your art hobby into a profitable passive income source. Here, I share some unique and creative money making ideas through which you can earn huge money as a calligraphy artist.

9 Profitable Money Making Ideas for Calligraphy Artist

1. Design & Sell Gift Cards

As a good and skilled calligraphy artist you can earn a lot of money by designing beautiful gift cards and selling them on Etsy. Etsy is a popular website where there is a huge demand for gift cards. If you can design good quality and beautiful gift cards then you can earn good money by uploading them in Etsy Market. You can take a look on Etsy how calligraphy gift cards are sold thousands of times.

2. Design & Sell Greeting Cards

The demand for greeting cards is always there and will continue to be so in the future. Gift cards are required for every event and celebration. Create well-designed gift cards using your calligraphy skills and sell them online in various markets. Etsy is a popular marketplace where you can sell greeting cards you have made.

3. Design & Sell Calligraphy Practice Sheet

The demand for calligraphy practice sheet is much higher in Etsy market. As a skilled calligraphy artist you can design printable calligraphy practice sheets and sell them on Etsy. A lot of calligraphy practice sheets are sold here. Once you design and upload, you will continue to earn money from here month after month.

4. Sell Calligraphy Prints and Stickers

The demand for calligraphy prints and stickers is much higher. If you are a good quality calligraphy artist, design some creative creative sticker and printable items and upload them to Etsy in digital format. Demand for digital printable items is very high. Once you attract people your sales will increase very fast. You can also print them and sell them directly as a physical product.

5. Design & Sell Calligraphy Envelope

The demand for calligraphy envelope is also quite good. Make envelopes of good designs according to the needs of the people and sell them online.

6. Design & Sell Calligraphy Paintings

Many people like painting and buy it online. If you can make good quality calligraphy paintings according to the needs of the people using your calligraphy skills then you can also make money online through it.

7. Create Beautiful Calligraphy Fonts

The demand for fonts is increasing day by day. Every business, company, blogger, website owner needs a front for them. If you can create unique and creative fonts, you can earn extra money by selling them online. Graphicriver and Creativemarket are two popular marketplace for selling your calligraphy fonts.

8. Start a Calligraphy Blog

Start a calligraphy blog if you are a skilled calligrapher artist. Use your skills to publish various good articles there and share on social media. Gradually your followers will increase. Then monetize your blog with Google AdSense and affiliate marketing. With this you can earn a lot of money.

9. Open a Calligraphy YouTube channel

Open a YouTube channel, upload calligraphy art related videos and share on social media. Many people want to learn calligraphy art, you teach them through your YouTube channel. Monetize the channel when you have enough followers.

Hope, these ideas will help you to make extra money as a calligraphy artist.