Blogging is a versatile source of income. By blogging, you can make a good figure. Blogging can give you money even when you sleep.

Why do you need a Blog?

If you want to make a passive income or if you generate money even when you sleep, then there is no alternative to Blogging. Furthermore, a regular job isn’t enough for us to run our family well. In this case, side income is a must for us for better living. A Blog can give you extra money working part-time in your spare time. I personally have a Blog and I earn a good money from there. If you don’t have a blog/website but want to earn extra money, start a Blog today.


How much money can you make by Blogging?

A blog can give you a limit-less income. You can make up to $5000 a month by blogging as a beginner. For inspiration, I show you few of my personal earning below.

Affiliate Marketing:

Earning: $50-$220/Day

clickbank earning

Google AdSense:

Earning: $862/Month


Selling Course:

Earning: $500/Month


So, why are you waiting for? Make a strong decision to start a money making blog today.

I took a lot of information from online and made an easy guide by summarized them. Follow the step by step guide to start creating a money making blog.

Step By Step Guide To Start A Money Making Blog for Beginners

If you are totally a beginner, you must know few things before starting your blog. You need a domain, a hosting, and WordPress setup. The domain is the name of your website such as The hosting keeps the files and information of your Blog on their server computer. And, WordPress is the Blogging platform by which you can write and customize your articles or posts.

So, first, you have to purchase a domain name. You can search the box below to find your desired domain name.

When done, you need to sign up for a reliable and super fast hosting. I recommend you to purchase hosting from Bluehost. I have included screenshots to guide you through.

Go to the website and click on the “Get Started Now” button.


Pick a hosting plan. If you are getting started with blogging, the Basic plan might suit you.


Set up your desired domain name.


Register with Bluehost. After choosing your domain name, you will be presented with a registration page where you should fill in your personal information.

Start by adding your personal information


Select your desired hosting package

Here, you get to select the hosting package that suits your budget. Bluehost offers packages in periods ranging from 12 months to 36 months. The longer the period you choose, the more you save.


Package Extras

I suggest you to check only the Domain Privacy Protection box as this service hides your personal contact information from anyone on the web.


Payment information

Now enter your payment details and check the box to agree to the terms of service, and click the “Submit” button.


After your payment goes through, Bluehost will send a confirmation email. You will also receive another email prompting you to verify your email address so as to activate your domain name.

After activating your email, you have to follow few more steps below.

  • Click the “Create your account” button
  • Enter your login details and proceed to set up your account
  • Click the “Go to login” button
  • Fill in the details on the fields “Email or Domain Name” as well as password.

All is set now, and you can begin to create your blog



After accessing your Bluehost dashboard, follow the few step by step procedures below.


Pick additional details you would like to add to your site.


Type a name and description of your blog.


You can choose from the themes presented here. After completing these steps, you will be redirected to your Bluehost account page.


After you are done, click the “Launch My Site” button, and your blog is now live. You can access your WordPress blog dashboard by Clicking the “WordPress” button on the top right corner.


Okay, your blog is ready. Now, you can start writing on your blog/website and promote them. The most popular monetization methods are Google AdSense, Sponsored posts, Affiliate Marketing, Media Ads, Display Ads, etc.

post create

I do hope my brief guide about starting a blog has taught you how to get started with blogging. With time, you will get used to advanced blogging.

Feel free to contact me if you have any queries about Blogging.