Blogging is a versatile source of income. By blogging, you can make a good figure. Blogging can give you money even when you sleep.

Why do you need a Blog?

If you want to make passive income or generate money even when you sleep, then there is no alternative to Blogging. Furthermore, a regular job isn’t enough for us to run our family well. In this case, side income is a must for us for better living. A Blog can give you huge money working part-time in your spare time. I personally have a Blog and I make money every month from there. Why would you miss out on this? Start a blog today and create a source of passive income for your life.


How much money can you make by Blogging?

A blog can give you a limit-less income. A money making blog can give you passive income lifetime. The common monetization methods are display ads, sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, selling personal services/courses, etc. You do not need to work lifetime. You have to work hard for first 6-8 months, then your blog will generates money on autopilot.

So, why are you waiting for? Make a strong decision to start a money making blog today.

Step By Step Guide To Start A Money Making Blog

If you are totally a beginner, you must know few things before starting your blog. You need a domain, a hosting, and WordPress setup. The domain is the name of your website such as The hosting keeps the files and information of your Blog on their server. WordPress is the Blogging platform by which you can write and customize your articles or posts.

My recommedation to purchase domain and hosting from:

Domain: Namecheap


How to purchase hosting from Bluehost:

First, Click Here to go to Bluehost website. Then, watch the video below to learn how to signup with Bluehost and install WordPress on Bluehost in few minutes. Then, read the rest of this article to learn how to make money using your blog or website.

How to purchase hosting from Hostinger:

First, Click here to go to Hostinger website. Follow the instructions according to the video below.

How To Generate Passive Income?

The main goal of your blog is driving more & more traffic/visitors. The more traffic you can drive, the more money you can generate. There are few popular traffic methods most bloggers use that are social media, Google organic traffic, paid traffic, YouTube traffic, etc. When you can drive targeted audience, then monetize your blog by Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, etc.

How To Get Social Media Traffic:


Create a Facebook business page according to your blog. It’s free for all. Then start posting your blog articles and information’s into it. Share these posts on relevant Facebook groups. For getting quick result, you can boost your post to reach rapidly. Invest money to promote your page and increase your followers. Once you reach a certain amount of followers, then you will get huge traffic on your blog.


Create a Business Pinterest profile. Fill all the essential information such as profile name, description, logo, banner, etc. Create some Boards and start uploading pins regularly. Create idea pins and upload daily; it will increase your followers rapidly. If you work 30-50 minutes a day on Pinterest for few months, you will get few thousands targeted followers on Pinterest. Then, you will get a lot of targeted visitors on your blog that will bring you passive money. I personally work on Pinterest and I bring around 50,000 real visitors per month from Pinterest.


Create a YouTube channel and start uploading videos relevant to your blog. Continue this work for at least 6 months. Also, share every videos on social media specially on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. After 6 months, according to YouTube’s algorithm, your videos will rank and you will get many targeted subscribers. Tell your subscribers to visit your website or blog. In this way, you can bring real and authentic traffic/visitors on your blog.

SEO/Search Engine Optimization Traffic:

SEO is another way to bring targeted traffic from search engine especially Google. People all over the world search their problem on Google and visit different websites. If you can rank your website on Google first page, you will get tons of real and targeted visitors on your blog that will bring you passive income. But as far I know, SEO is a difficult task. You must do a course from experts before doing SEO.

So, these above traffic methods will help you to generate passive income through your blog. I hope you can understand the basic theme of a blog’s revenue.

Also, I do hope my brief guide about starting a blog has taught you how to get started with blogging. With time, you will get used to advanced blogging.

Feel free to contact me if you have any queries about Blogging.