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Proofreading is a job where you have to find all the errors in a piece of writing such as grammatical error, spelling error, punctuation error etc. All types of companies hire skilled and sharp-eyed proofreaders so that their writings are free of errors before they reach the eyes of others. Proofreaders will read their document well from beginning to the end, correct the errors in each of its lines, and finally create a error-free document.

Proofreading jobs vary from company to company, but the main task is identical that is reviewing the entire document and correct spelling errors, grammatical errors, and punctuation errors.

The average salary of a proofreader is $20- $50 per hour. It depends on your experience and skills.

What skill does a proofreader need?

If you have a little English skill then you can do proofreading jobs. You do not need a higher educational background to do the proofreading jobs. Anyone with a bachelor’s degree can perform proofreading jobs.

To get a proofreading job, you must have good communication skill and you must have the mindset to work with deep concentration. Proofreading is usually done independently and you strictly complete and submit all the work before the deadline.

How to perform proofreading?

Proofreading jobs are usually done using computer. Before starting work, contact the client, chat with him, know all requirements. The client will give you the digital document that may be eBook, legal document, transcript, court report, article, journal, etc. Then open it on your computer. Read well from beginning to end a few times. Read each paragraph and find out if there are any spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors in it. Complete reviewing the entire document carefully. When finished, read the entire document again for 1-2 times. Finally, submit it to your client or company.

Remember, you have to work with full concentration and correct all the errors perfectly.

What types of document do you need to proofread?

It varies from company to company or client to client. But the most common proofreading documents are eBooks, website articles, legal documents, essays, court reports, transcripts, etc.

How to upgrade your proofreading skill?

You can learn the skills you need in the early stages of proofreading through online. But if you want to learn advanced-level proofreading then you must take a course from a skilled and experienced proofreader.

The mentor or coach will teach you every detail of Proofreading. Also, he/she will teach you how to communicate with the client to get more work and get continuous work.

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Where to find proofreading jobs?

You can find work from home proofreading jobs at freelance marketplaces as well as online jobs sites. I have listed a few sites for you below.