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Grocery prices are rising higher with every passing day and it is becoming extremely difficult to set aside an amount of money for grocery shopping on a regular basis. There are some amazing grocery stores hacks that you need to know so that you can save money while shopping and you don’t have to go hungry either. These hacks are the best way of buying all your essentials without having to compromise on your every requirements or standard of living as you will be able to afford paying for your monthly or weekly groceries. You need to know the ways of saving money by making changes in your everyday life so that you can buy all the kitchen essentials without any hassles. For short term savings, you have the options of using coupons, discounts and sales that will help you save money over a period of time. Here are 20 best grocery store hacks that save a lot of money.

1. Create a shopping list

If you don’t want to run out of your everyday stock of kitchen groceries, you need to make a list when you visit the market next time. This eliminates the need of wasting money due to panic when you shop for groceries and you will also get all the ingredients that are needed for preparing your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

2. Don’t shop on empty stomach

If you don’t want to overspend on your grocery shopping, you should never go to the market empty stomach. The reason for this is because when you are hungry, you tend to buy products based on your carvings rather than choosing essential items. When you shop with full stomach, you will be able to follow a healthier diet and it will help you save a lot of money every time you visit the market.

3. Shop from farm

Adding fresh fruits and veggies should be a staple of your diet but is also add a lot of expenses on your grocery bills. This is the reason why you should buy directly from the farm so that you will get fruits and vegetables at a fraction of the cost.

4. Read prices smartly

The prices on food labels can be misleading and you might have to pay a larger amount of money in comparison to similar products of different brand. This is the reason why you should read the label for the price and weight of groceries before buying anything so that you will be able to save your hard earned money.

5. Plan menu before shopping

You should plan the menu for the entire week before going for grocery shopping and try to use some common ingredients so that you don’t have to purchase many ingredients. Don’t buy anything that you don’t intend to buy and always do proper planning for saving money while visiting the market.

6. Avoid temptations of brand names

There are some off brand products that are as good as any branded product but the prices of these items are lower due to their smaller marketing budget. Hence, if you want to save money on your grocery shopping, you should choose store brand items as it will be cheaper than its counterparts.

7. Don’t buy snack items

There are a large variety of snacks, chocolates, chips and candy bars that you will find near the cash counter. You should avoid buying these items as it does not have any discount and you might have to pay a huge bill if you add these items to your cart.

8. Reduce meat intake

The cost of meat constitutes a major portion of your grocery budget and by reducing meat intake, you will be able to reduce your bill drastically. It is better that you choose healthier vegetables as you will get them fresh and at a discounted price so that you will save money.

9. Support local farmers

For grocery shopping, you can visit the small markets where the farmers sell their fresh produce directly to the customers. Since, there are no middlemen, you will be able to buy veggies at a lower price and pay the farmers for their hard work and dedication.

10. Save money with online shopping

Rather than visiting a supermarket or departmental store, you can save money by using coupons during online shopping. There are many online stores that offer discounts and coupons on your grocery shopping so that you will enjoy great deals.

11. Pick smaller sized cart

The size of the shopping cart determines the amount of shopping that you do and it will also increase your bill amount. This is the reason why you should choose a smaller basket or a cart so that you will buy limited items and save money in the process.

12. Know your portions

The amount of food items that you will need for your family should be considered so that you don’t buy large quantities or waste extra food items. Portion planning is extremely beneficial as it eliminates wastage and you will not have to waste money during grocery shopping.

13. Store fruits and vegetable properly

If you want to prolong the lifespan of your fruits and vegetable, you need to know the perfect way of storing each item. Be careful how you store the fruits, vegetables, meat or herbs so that it will remain fresh and healthy for longer.

14. Buy seasonal food

Out of season fruits and vegetables can be very expensive and it can also burn a hole in your pocket during grocery shopping. This is the reason why you should buy seasonal fruits and vegetables as it is tastier, healthier and affordable.

15. Buy in bulk

If you have a large family to feed, it is better that you buy in bulk so that you can save money in the process. There are many food items that are available at a low price when you buy in huge quantities so that you can feed your entire family.

16. Bring grocery bags

There are many stores that charges extra money for the carry bag and if you are concerned about the environment, you should bring reusable bags from home.

17. Keep an eye on cart total

Always keep an eye on the bills amount while adding items to your cart so that you don’t exceed your budget. Buy items only when you need it urgently but don’t waste money on unnecessary purchases.