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Most adults are looking for hourly jobs that can provide them with enough money for resources. In a world where most companies have become stingy with salaries, it is rare to find employers that pay fair wages. One of the world’s largest companies, Amazon, has a few hourly jobs that can give you enough funds for basic needs and savings.

In addition, they also have benefits in the form of health coverage, paid parental leaves, and financial resources.

12 Amazon Hourly Jobs That Pay Well

Hourly jobs in Amazon are categorized based on the on-site location and type of service. Each category may have different requirements for its workers.

Warehouse Jobs

Jobs based in the Amazon warehouse are open to adults 18 years old and above. Applicants must have at least a high school diploma or an equivalent. Other requirements may apply.

a) Fulfillment Center Associate

Fulfillment Center Associates take charge of Amazon customers’ orders. These may involve merchandise, on-demand items, and returns. Also, everything concerning inventory is under the wheelhouse of this job. Associates also take charge of loading boxes for shipment, scanning bar codes, and troubleshooting fundamental problems.

Quality checks are also part of the job.

Potential Income: Wages for an Amazon Fulfillment Associate range from $15 to $22 per hour.

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b) Sortation Center Associate

For Sortation Center Associates, they take charge of all things related to sorting. These also involve scanning and stacking packages. When a customer places an order, these associates ensure that their items reach them securely. They fulfill these tasks through computers and other devices.

Potential Income: Associates make around $16 to $23 per hour.

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c) Delivery Station Associate

Delivery Station Associates are the ones that receive trucks of orders. They take care of the door-to-door delivery process. Lead conveyor belts, transports, and stages are the usual venues for these associates. Handling bulk items are also part of the job description.

Potential Income: Associates like these earn around $15 – $19 per hour.

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d) Grocery Warehouse Associate

Grocery Warehouse Associates work in grocery distribution centers. These are large warehouses that function as the hub for all grocery orders. They may assist in loading delivery boxes to trucks and operating industrial trucks. Associates also handle grocery inventory in various settings.

Load boxes into trucks to be sent to sites for grocery delivery

Potential Income: Grocery Associates earn $16 to $18 per hour.

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e) Amazon Air Associate

Amazon Air Associates help load cargo from warehouses onto delivery aircraft. In turn, they assist in delivering orders to faraway customers. The job involves loading and unloading aircraft removing tie-downs, and preparing packages for sorting.

Potential Income: Air associates make $15 to $17 per hour.

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Grocery Jobs

Grocery jobs are open to applicants aged 18 years old and above and with a high school diploma or an equivalent. Other requirements may apply.

a) Grocery Fresh Associate

Grocery Fresh Associates work in grocery warehouses. They assist in fulfilling customer orders, including perishable goods like poultry, fruits, vegetables, and more. Of course, the usual grocery items are part of the everyday inventory. Associates will work in diverse environments, from refrigerated spaces to open areas.

Potential Income: Associates earn around $15 to $18 per hour.

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b) Amazon Grocery Shopper

Amazon Grocery Shoppers are stationed inside Whole Foods Markets, where they prepare orders for customers. They carry out their tasks via computers and smartphones, such as barcode scanning. Shoppers also ensure the quality of all deliveries while communicating with clients.

Potential Income: Shopper’s hourly salary starts at $15.

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Other Hourly Jobs

Amazon also offers other hourly jobs. These have varying requirements per post. However, everyone aged 18 and above may apply if they have the documents and experience.

a) Amazon Locker+ Associate

Locker+ Associates ensure that returns, pickups, and other delivery transactions in Locker+ retail locations are secure. These associates work personally with customers to deliver the best quality service in retail locations.

They also maintain the safety and sanitation of all workspaces. In addition, they respond to any queries customers may have.

Potential Income:  Salaries fall at around from $15 to $16 per hour.

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b) Amazon Delivery Driver

Delivery riders work 40 hours a week. They receive full benefits and have a delivery vehicle provided by Amazon. Overtime and promotions are also available after some time. Special driver’s licenses are not required if the applicant is licensed and of legal age.

Drivers work directly with Delivery Service Partners to take packages to customers’ doorsteps every day. DSPs can be found in local Amazon stations.

Potential Income: Delivery driver wages start at $10 per hour. The highest-promoted drivers can make as much as $83.

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c) Amazon Flex Driver

Amazon Flex Drivers are independent contractors that use their vehicles to deliver packages. All applicants must be 21 years old, have a valid US driver’s license, and own a medium or large vehicle.

Wages depend on the location, tips, and delivery time.

Potential Income: Most Flex drivers make around $18 to $25 per hour.

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d) Amazon Stores

Amazon also has physical stores for a variety of items. These stores aim to provide customers with unique and personal shopping experiences. Jobs include managerial positions, which involve operations and inventory. The job focuses on end-to-end transactions and maintaining a healthy work environment.

Managers must foster a culture that cultivates both worker and customer satisfaction. The position is open to those with at least a Bachelor’s degree. In addition, ten years of related managerial experience is an essential requirement. These can be broken down to 2+ years as a manager, 3+ years in people management, and 6+ years of broad retail experience.

Potential Income: Usually, Amazon Store Managers make around $34,000 per year. The highest-paid managers can make money in the six figures per year.

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e) Amazon Pharmacy

Amazon has also branched out to the pharmacy industry. Amazon pharmacies set themselves apart from competitors by cutting down waiting lines and selling affordable goods. Medication is delivered door-to-door.

Amazon Pharmacy has openings for pharmacists, technicians, managers, and software developers. Requirements vary per position, and degrees related to the posts are a start.

Potential Income: Wages also depend on the job.

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With hourly wages starting at $15, Amazon has a lot of jobs that can help pay the bills. The benefits of healthcare coverage, overtime, paid parental leaves, and more also make it a comfortable position.

With the prospect of promotion and a healthy work environment, there are many good things to look forward to when working in the above Amazon hourly jobs.

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