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Hello, experienced hustlers!! Do you ever feel like young people are the only ones who can handle a side job? Don’t believe it!! Even though millennials (people aged 25 to 40) get all the attention, people over 40 are showing that age doesn’t matter when it comes to making extra money. Right now is the time to go for it, whether you want that fancy trip or just want to save money. Yes, millennials may have made the side job popular, but I’m here to show that anyone can do it. Your name is on a side job that you can do, whether it’s making handmade things or teaching others what you know. So buckle up if you’re ready to take your money to the next level and see new things. I’m about to start a trip to find the 25 best side jobs for people over 40 that will make them the most money. Together, let’s change the rules and flip the script!!

1. Tutor

Are you interested in getting extra money by sharing your knowledge? You can become an online teacher and get paid $19.51 an hour! The best thing? You don’t have to have been a teacher before. You’re good to go as long as you know a lot about the subject and can explain it well. You can also choose to work alone with tools like Wyzant or Chegg Tutors, or sign up with a service like When you join a service, you can get clients, but your hours and earnings are limited. When you work alone, you can set your own rules. You set the rules for the gig! Are you ready to make more money and help other people learn? Let’s get started!

2. Life Coach

Do you want to make money by sharing what you’ve learned? You can make $39.51 an hour as a life coach. People come to you for help to improve themselves and their careers. You are a great guide because you are a baby boomer with a lot of life experience. You’ll be there for them every step of the way, whether they want clarity or responsibility. You can set your own hours and meet with clients on sites like Upwork and LifeCoach.  What’s your job? To give them power and show them the way to a happy life. They’ll reach their goals with your help, and you’ll make money while making a difference. Are you ready to turn your life lessons into a job that pays well?

3. Travel Agent

Are you crazy about planning trips? Help people plan trips and get paid $17.99 an hour! You could plan your dream vacations and make extra money at the same time. Focus on planning trips for groups of people aged 40 and up, such as scenic river tours and trips to faraway places. The best thing? You don’t need fancy certificates, but having them could make you seem more trustworthy. Start your own business and decide your own rates and hours. You don’t need any licenses; all you need is a desire to travel. You can get in touch with tourists through sites like Expedia and Upwork. So why not use your desire to travel to make money? As a travel agent, you can start seeing the world one reservation at a time.

4. Pet Sitter

Are you looking for a job that gives you freedom and pays well? You can earn $15.25 an hour by taking care of pets. Take a picture of yourself cuddling with soft friends and getting paid for it. You will have a lot of free time between walks and feedings whether you have them over or go to their houses. The best part? You decide where and when to work. It’s easy to find pet owners who need help through sites like Rover, Fetch, and Sign up, set your rates, and start making money. If you feel like it, you could make twice as much money by walking dogs too. You can now make money by loving animals.

5. Craft Seller

Good morning, craft lovers! Have you ever wished you could turn your artistic hobby into a side job that paid well? Now is your chance! You can make money as a craft seller by doing what you love, like knitting warm scarves, making unique party favors, or baking tasty keto treats. The best part is that you have the freedom to sell your goods both online and at real-life events. It’s easy to open your own shop on sites like Etsy and Shopify and reach customers all over the world. You can also show off your handmade goods at local craft fairs and events and meet other craft fans. How long are you going to wait? Let us help you turn your hobby into a business!

6. Rental Host

Are you ever thinking about changing that extra room into a cash register? It’s possible to rent out a room, your whole house, or even just an area that you don’t use for short stays or by the hour. People with extra space, people who move a lot, and people who want a flexible side job will love it. Different platforms have different requirements, but in general, you’ll need a place, the ability to host guests, and the willingness to follow some hosting rules. The pay can be very different, but some sites have calculators that can help you guess how much you might make each month. Platforms like Airbnb, VRBO, Peerspace, and Thisopenspace are very popular. Rental hosting could be your one-paragraph dream side job if you want to be your own boss, make some extra money, and maybe meet some interesting people.

7. Local Tour Guide

Have you ever turned your walks around town into a side job? As a local tour guide, you can show tourists your town’s best kept secrets and most interesting places. Great for city lovers, entertainers, and anyone who loves their home turf! You’ll need to know a lot about the area, be good with people, and be creative (think themed tours or crazy outfits). Some guides make about $15.60 an hour, but the pay varies. You can use sites like TourByLocal or Airbnb Experiences to find work, or you can go it alone and build your own following! It sounds like the perfect one-paragraph side job: use your love of cities to make extra money and give visitors experiences they’ll never forget.

8. Freelance Photographer

Have people ever told you how great your photos are? Freelance photography can help you make extra money while you enjoy your hobby. You would pretty much be in charge of taking pictures at people’s weddings, birthday parties, or even cute pet photos. People who love photography and have an eye for capturing special times will love it. The best thing? You decide when to work, what jobs to take on, and how much to charge. Some freelance photographers make $49.46 an hour! Some places to find gigs are Upwork and Fiverr. You can also get your clients. Freelance photography could be the right one-paragraph side job for you if you love taking pictures and want to make extra money with them.

9. Retail Arbitrage

Are shopping sprees making you money? To make extra money on the side, retail arbitrage is the best thing to do if you love finding great deals. You’d be like a treasure hunter, looking through shops like Target and Ross for cheap items that you can then sell online for more money. It’s great for shoppers who are good at finding deals and don’t mind doing some study. You can sell your finds on Amazon, eBay, or Facebook Marketplace, but Amazon charges fees. There is a learning curve, but your earnings can go as high as you want them to!

10. Computer Repair Service

Want to feel like a tech expert? With a side job in computer repair, you can turn your computer skills into real money. You’d be the bright hero who saves people from tech meltdowns by fixing their laptops and computers. It works great for people who are good at fixing problems and don’t mind being told things twice. For extra peace of mind, you can even do preventative maintenance or help people set up new home networks. Different service workers make different amounts of money, but most pull in about $16.32 an hour. Check the rules in your city to see if you can run this business out of your home or even on the go with a mobile repair shop!

11. Alteration Service

Not sure how your clothes should fit? Alteration services are a great way to make extra money with your sewing skills. It would be great to be the fashion fairy godmother and help people by adjusting their pants or dresses. If you have a sewing machine, good taste, and don’t mind a little extra work, this is the right project for you! You can work from home and have clients come to you, or you can offer pick-up and delivery as an extra service. You can set your own hours, meet people at local shops, and make about $16.41 an hour. This sounds like a great side job for someone who sews.

12. Wash-and-Fold Laundry Service

Love a clean room but dread doing the laundry? You might be great for a side job as a Wash-and-Fold Laundry Service. You would basically be a laundry superhero because you would wash, dry, and fold people’s clothes, saving them time. If you have a place for people to drop off and pick up their clothes at your house, that’s great. You can set your own prices, but it’s smart to avoid going too low. If you don’t want to do it yourself, people like Laundry Care will pay you $20 per bag they sort. Toss out your laundry fear and use it to make extra money on the side.

13. Amazon Delivery Driver

Have you ever wished that your car could make money for you? You could make great extra money by delivering items for Amazon. To get started, all you have to do is sign up for Amazon Flex, pick where you want to send, and answer a few questions. Should you be a good fit, you can get the app and choose times that work for you (morning, afternoon, or evening). Different drivers make different amounts of money, but Amazon says most make between $18 and $25 an hour. So get rid of your journey and use your time driving to make money on the side.

14. Personal Chef

Do you love cooking and want to make money from it? Become a cook for people! You would be a cooking superstar, making people delicious meals in their own homes. Anyone who loves food will love it. Plus points if you can cook fancy meals! You can cook for people on special diets or make meals that steal the show at parties. Make connections with other businesses in your area or go online to find customers. Personal cooks make different amounts of money, but most make around $24.82 an hour. This sounds like a great way to make extra money on the side.

15. Professional Friend

Could you imagine getting paid to be a friend? That’s a real side job, believe it or not! People who call you a “professional friend” hang out with you and do fun things with you, like going to the movies, concerts, or working out. It’s like being in a friend’s team! The best part? It pays you! You can find people who need a friendly partner on sites like Around $10 an hour might not be a lot of money, but hey, you’re getting paid to have fun! Additionally, you can get paid more if you have a unique skill or can give good advice. This unique side job could be great for you if you’re friendly and like meeting new people.

16. Costumed Character

Have you ever wished you could be a superhero or fairy tale figure for a day? You can be the star of the show at a party where people dress up as characters. In short, you’d dress up as your favorite figure and make kids’ birthday parties fun. It’s great for people who like to act silly and don’t mind getting dirty. You could even add music, balloon animals, or games to make the party one that everyone will remember. The pay isn’t always the same, but some characters make around $17 an hour and get paid for their journey. Being a costumed figure could be a great way to make extra money if you’re friendly and good with kids.

17. Party Planner

Have you ever thought about planning parties as a side job? You’d truly be the party master, throwing amazing parties for all sorts of events, like birthdays, graduations, and even work events! It’s great for people who are very good at planning events and love picking themes, booking vendors (like caterers, DJs, and more!), and making sure everything goes smoothly. Pay varies based on the size of the event, but some plans make $50 to $150 an hour. Get to know other party vendors and make an online profile to find clients. You could love parties and be good at planning them if you want to make extra money on the side.

18. Bounce House Rentals

Are you ever crazy about having bounce houses in your backyard? It can be fun and rewarding to rent out bounce houses as a side job, especially in the spring and summer. You’d be the hero of bounce houses, giving kids fun at events and birthday parties. The only catch is that you’ll have to pay around $1,500 for a commercial-grade bounce house up front. But since bounce houses rent for $85 to $250 an hour, it might pay for itself in no time! A bounce house rental business could be a great way to make extra money if you have the room and love seeing kids have fun.

19. Content Writer

Do you ever wish you could turn your writing skills into real money? Writing content could be a great side job for you. You’d be an independent writer who makes catchy text for websites, emails, and other things. Anyone who loves writing and can make things clear should do it. Businesses can hire writers through sites like ClearVoice, or you can look through work boards like Different writers make different amounts of money, but most of them make around $20.45 an hour. Writing content could be your one-paragraph dream side job if you’re good with words and want to get paid to do it.

20. Management Consultant

Have you ever turned your job knowledge into a huge side business? You can use your business knowledge to help companies get better by working as a management consultant. It’s like being a business expert who tells companies how to be more productive, handle better, and even improve their image. It’s great for professionals with a lot of experience who are good with numbers and research. Some advisers make around $66.05 an hour, which is a lot of money. The best thing? Sites like FlexJobs can help you find work that you can do from home, and you can set your own hours. Management consulting could be the right one-paragraph side job for you if you’re good at your job and want to get paid to share what you know.

21. Graphic Designer

Have you ever wished that your design skills could earn you money online? Anyone who can make visually appealing things can do graphic design as a side job. You’d be the graphic designer expert, making logos, images for social media, and other things for clients. Sites like Fiverr and 99designs let you find independent work. To show off your skills and get high-paying clients, make sure your online resume is always up to date. Graph artists make different amounts of money, but some make about $19.87 an hour. If you’re creative and love design, graphic design could be the right one-paragraph side job for you!!

22. Bookkeeper

Are you good with numbers? Doing  Bookkeeping as a side job can be a great idea! As a financial organizer, your main job would be to keep track of businesses’ income and spending. This is great for people who know a bit about accounting and computer tools. You can set your own hours and find part-time bookkeeping jobs on sites like ZipRecruiter. Bookkeeping can be a great way to make extra money if you know a lot about money. Some people make about $19.28 an hour.

23. Translator

Do you speak two languages? Translating can help you make extra money on the side. One way to bridge the language gap is to translate spoken or written words from one language to another while keeping the message clear. The boomers who want to work from home and set their own hours will love it. You can pick how much work you want to do on sites like Rev, which pay $5 to $12 per minute of music or video and let you translate subtitles. Are you feeling fancy? One Hour Translation puts you in touch with jobs that need to be translated. Different interpreters make different amounts of money, but most make around $22.99 an hour. So, brush up on your language skills and use them to make extra money that way!

24. Rideshare Driver

Have you ever turned your car into a bank? Use your own car to make extra money by ridesharing with Lyft. It’s a casual side job. Your car must be new (2008 or later with 4 doors) and you must have a clean driving record. Then you can sign up and be on the road right away. Lyft promises that for planned rides, you will get at least 120% of the minimum wage, plus extra for each mile. The amount of money you make depends on how much you drive. So get rid of your journey and use your time driving to make money on the side.

25. Greeting Card Writer

Are you good at using words to make people laugh or cry (happy tears!)? You could make great extra money by writing greeting cards. You would come up with the words for funny birthday cards or sweet welcome cards. It works great for people who write funnily or emotionally. What’s the catch? It’s not a steady income. Places like Snafu Designs pay up to $100 per accepted idea, but there’s no guarantee your entry will win. It’s a fun way to make extra money with your writing, but the money might not come in every time.

To sum up 

Hey, elderly people! Would like to make extra money without having to work 9 to 5? This guide will show you 25 side jobs that you can do well. You can make money and be your own boss, work from home, or let your inner artist shine. Get rid of the age limit and use your skills to make money on the side. Let’s get started today!!!