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In this first-paced modern world, if you want to make money in surprising ways, then unlock the possibilities of Discord, the dynamic chat app that goes beyond its gaming roots. Discord has grown into a virtual haven for various communities, with an astounding 140 million users spread across 6.7 million active servers in 2021—a remarkable 40% increase from the previous year. It changed in 2017 with the addition of video calling and Twitch and Spotify integrations, after initially becoming a haven for gamers in 2015. A significant change occurred in March 2020 when the name “Chat for Gamers” was replaced with “Chat for Communities and Friends.” Discord’s revenue skyrocketed to $130 million in 2020 amid this evolution, providing opportunities for astute users to monetarily support their presence. In this comprehensive article, I’ll share with you 14 surprising ways to make money on discord.

1. Sell Video Games or Apps

Despite the Discord Store closing, if you are a developer, you are still able to market and sell your games or apps on other websites, using Discord as a central location for promotion. If you can meet the requirements, you can offer premium subscriptions that include access to exclusive games and content, with a substantial 90% revenue share going to the creators. Statistics show that $130 million by 2020, allowing smart users to make money from their presence.

2. Sell Digital Art

Digital creators can directly market and sell their creations on Discord, bypassing third-party websites. If you are a digital creator, the platform offers you a direct channel for engaging with the audience, and then you can explore the NFT space by establishing dedicated Discord servers for exclusive digital artwork.

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3. Sell Physical Products through an Online Store

You can unlock your creative potential on Discord by seamlessly selling physical products. Whether you’re an artist or entrepreneur, the platform provides a stage to showcase and sell a myriad of items, from art to clothing. Artists can turn their designs into tangible merchandise like t-shirts, tote bags, and coffee mugs through platforms such as RedBubble, TeePublic, or Zazzle. For a personalized touch, set up an e-commerce shop on Shopify, offering a diverse range of products from clothing and jewelry to toys. Discord becomes your virtual storefront, connecting you directly with your audience.

4. Sell Courses

Share your expertise on Discord and turn your knowledge into income. Whether you excel in personal productivity, stock trading, NFTs, health, fitness, writing, or navigating Discord’s money-making landscape, there’s an eager audience. Create and sell courses, offering valuable insights and skills to those seeking guidance. Discord becomes your virtual classroom, connecting you with a community hungry for knowledge in your specialized domain. Monetize your proficiency and contribute to the growth of your audience.

5. Offer Consultations

Harness your expertise on Discord by offering personalized one-on-one consultations. Whether you’re an expert in personal productivity, finance, or Discord’s unique money-making landscape, cater to those eager to delve deeper. Many successful professionals initiate with course offerings, subsequently transitioning to private coaching or consulting services. Discord becomes your interactive space to connect directly, providing tailored guidance and support. Elevate your impact by offering individualized consultations and forging meaningful connections within your community.

6. Sell Server Subscriptions

Elevate your Discord server with a subscription model, unveiled by Discord itself. Creators can now offer premium content to subscribers, ranging from exclusive emojis to access to special Voice or Text channels. Subscription prices, varying from $2.99 to nearly $200, cater to different audience segments. While some may charge for server entry, the common approach is to offer a free server, enticing subscribers with tiered bonuses. Discord’s new subscription feature transforms your server into a premium, engaging community.

7. Set up a Nitro Server

You can transform your Discord server into a powerhouse with Nitro. Nitro servers unlock enhanced capabilities, allowing users to upload large files, stream in high definition, share longer messages, and craft custom profiles. Elevate your server’s offering and charge a premium for subscriptions, enticing users with the expanded features and a richer, more dynamic community experience. Nitro sets your server apart, offering users an exclusive space for more extensive interactions and content sharing.

8. Sell Premium Perks

Explore exclusive benefits on Discord without committing to subscriptions. Instead, offer premium perks as one-time purchases, providing flexibility in monetization. These perks can range from exclusive content to digital art, giving users the chance to enhance their Discord experience without a recurring commitment. Tailor your offerings to cater to diverse preferences, creating a more inclusive and accessible way for your audience to enjoy special privileges on your Discord platform.

9. Solicit Sponsorships

You can also turn your Discord influence into income by seeking sponsorships. If your server boasts high visibility and frequent video streaming, reach out to brands aligned with your content. Approach brands you genuinely love, proposing paid promotions on your Discord server and across other social media channels. Clearly outline the value you bring and what you offer in return. This symbiotic relationship not only benefits your Discord community but also creates a lucrative partnership with brands you’re passionate about.

10. Become an Affiliate

You can monetize your Discord influence by becoming an affiliate. If you run an active server, leverage your community to affiliate with relevant products or services. For example, if your Discord centers on personal finance, share links for money-saving apps or credit cards. Extend your reach by affiliating with e-commerce giants like Amazon, earning commissions on recommended products. It’s a win-win—your community benefits from trusted recommendations, and you earn money for each successful referral, creating a sustainable income stream.

11. Accept Donations

Embrace support from your community on Discord by accepting donations through platforms like Patreon. For Discord influencers with a substantial following, this effortless avenue allows fans to express gratitude for your content. It’s a straightforward and impactful way to generate income on Discord, providing a steady stream of support from your appreciative audience. Monetize your influence with minimal effort, fostering a sense of appreciation and camaraderie within your dedicated community.

12. Use a Tip Bot

Maximize your Discord server’s profitability by accepting cryptocurrency tips through bots like It’s a seamless process—install the bot, and your server can receive tips in various cryptocurrencies, rewarding you for running a beloved community. Tipper Bot, another popular crypto tipping app, facilitates tips in Bitcoin Cash. According to, Tippr users have received over $100,000 in BCH to date. Holding onto crypto tips may even result in value appreciation, transforming crypto solicitation into a lucrative venture for your Discord endeavors.

13. Become a Discord Moderator

You can immerse yourself in your favorite Discord communities by becoming a moderator. While most mods volunteer out of passion, some lucrative opportunities exist. Highly active servers or larger brands may pay mods for their vital role in maintaining order. NFT servers, especially profitable, offer potential earnings ranging from $1,000 to $3,000 per month. Moderating becomes more than a labor of love—it becomes a rewarding pursuit with financial perks, contributing to the flourishing dynamics of your cherished Discord space.

14. Sell Your Discord Server

Monetize your Discord success by selling your high-traffic server on a popular topic. While it involves letting go of passive or recurring revenue, the trade-off is a substantial lump sum of cash. Consider reinvesting in a new server, replicating the success, and potentially building another profitable community. Selling your Discord server becomes a strategic move, offering financial gains and the opportunity to embark on a fresh journey within the dynamic landscape of Discord communities.

Closing Thoughts

Enter the fascinating realm of Discord, where talking and earning go hand in hand. Discord is more than just a chat app—with 140 million users and an astounding 40% yearly growth, it’s your ticket to financial success. Discord is the place where passion pays off big time, whether it’s through exclusive perks or cool stuff sales. It’s not just conversation; it’s profit-making. Now discover these 14 surprising Discord money-making ways to transform your passion for chat into a truly fulfilling journey!!!