How To Make Money Online With Facebook Page and Adfly

How To Make Money Online With Facebook Page and Adfly

Have you ever deliberated on How to make money online with a Facebook page? In this article, we are going to give you the easiest and affordable way to earn or top up your daily earning. website provides you with an opportunity to create a URL shrinking account. helps you to create links which you copy to your Facebook account or pages and make money by your friends clicking on it. Watch the video below to learn more clearly.

How To Make Money Online With Facebook Fan Page and (Video)

Step-1: Create an account

On your browser, click and click enter or search. When opens up, it takes you to its homepage. Click join now for user registration window and fill your details which include; your name, username, email address, account type. Choose to link shrinker “create short URLs and earn money” which is a default in this check box and a password. Fill the personal check by filling the textbox with the provided characters. Then click on the terms and condition box to agree with it. Lastly, click on join button and make the necessary changes to your details if asked.

Step-2: Tour on account

You already have an account, log in and enjoy the services. website is very friendly with simple features that anybody can understand. In the dashboard, there is a textbox in which you are supposed to copy a URL from any other browser and then paste it into this textbox and click shrink. After you get the shrunk URL, post it to your Facebook account. If you get 1000 thousand likes, you get a compensation of ten dollars. The more views for this link, the more you earn to your account.

Step-3: How to promote links 

The account has a referral option. Copy the referral link and share with friends, if they join it you earn a relevant amount for the same. Promote your account by advertising your link in Facebook community page comments where more people can access it. On your account click on getting traffic form to get more different ways of advertising your link. Create an account on twitter feed and post key which you create on tools, API documentation and connect with your facebook comments.

Step-4: Money withdraw process

You have to click on the withdraw icon on the dashboard where you have to attach a PayPal, Payoneer or Payza account on the payment processor linking box. If you don’t have any of the above accounts, I would prefer that you register on a PayPal account which only requires you to have an email address and a smart card or visa card from a recognized bank. automatically makes payment to your account when you reach $5 from the previous withdrawal. In the withdraw user dashboard you will see an easy follow up to enter the amount you want to withdraw. This amount will reflect the payment account of your choice.


Besides Facebook, you can post links in different social media accounts, Twitter, Instagram and palm accounts to earn more points and earning. If you had no clue on how to make money with a Facebook fan page, the above procedures would guide you in having the account and how to use it to earn money online. account is easy to interact with, and it’s freely available, you only need your android phone or a pc and internet then get started.

I am professionally working in Internet Marketing since last 5 years. Currently, I am working on Clickbank Affiliate Marketing and Google Adsense. I prefer to share my knowledge with others so that they can make money online.
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