Do you want to make money with Clickbank and yahoo answers? Follow my step by step instructions to promote Clickbank products on yahoo answers and make huge money online.

Yahoo Answer is a one of top question and answer community site where people ask their problem each other and get right solutions instantly. So it’s a great place to promote your Clickbank products and make money. People are actually seeking the real solutions of their problems. When someone faces a problem, he/she comes to Yahoo Answer and post a status like “I need to lose weight” or “I need to cure acne” or “I need extra money”. So they are the real buyer for you to sell Clickbank product with them simply answering their problems and ask them to purchase the product to solve their problems instantly. It’s super easy method to promote any kinds of Clickbank products without any investment.


You will get questions from people almost all categories. Here I show you what niche and topics related questions or problems you will get here.

  1. Arts & Humanities
  2. Beauty & Style
  3. Business & Finance
  4. Cars & Transportation
  5. Computers & Internet
  6. Consumer Electronics
  7. Dining Out
  8. Education & Reference
  9. Entertainment & Music
  10. Environment
  11. Family & Relationships
  12. Food & Drink
  13. Games & Recreation
  14. Health
  15. Home & Garden
  16. Local Businesses
  17. News & Events
  18. Pets
  19. Politics & Government
  20. Pregnancy & Parenting
  21. Science & Mathematics
  22. Social Science
  23. Society & Culture
  24. Sports
  25. Travel

And much more. So you can easily promote all kinds of Clickbank products here. Just find people’s problem and solve them with Clickbank products.

In two ways you can find other people’s problems. One clicks on a certain category and then click the sub category and then you will see a lot of latest questions from other people’s. Just read their problems and give them a perfect solution with your Clickbank product, But do not do spam, otherwise, you may be banned from here. First, solve them with free tips and free methods and finally tell them if you want the complete solution you can visit here or you can purchase this product. In this way, you can promote your Clickbank product and make money solving other people’s problem.

AND the second way to find people’s problem that is you have to search for the top center position of your screen you will see the search bar. Type what’s you want to find and then press Enter. You will also see a lot of real people’s problem and just answer them and promote your Clickbank product. I think anyone can promote all kinds of Clickbank products without having a lot of marketing knowledge. I personally use this method still now and get huge sales from here. Remember one thing do not post direct product link here, you should put a promotional video link or you can use separate landing page link over here. If you do not have own website, you can watch my exclusive video how to promote Clickbank product with free blogger landing page. After watching my video it will be easy for you to use a free landing page with blogger.

Among all free traffic sources, I recommend you to properly use this method without spamming and you must get sales if you can work continuously. Do not bored, work regularly and success must come.

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