How to Get Paid to Write Articles Online (Earn $500 A Month)

How to Get Paid to Write Articles Online

Are you looking for some legitimate website where you will get paid to write articles online? Read this article to earn minimum $500 per month writing articles online. There are a lot of website where you will get various writing jobs like blog content writing, eBook writing, product review writing, story writing, email swipe writing, report writing, resume writing etc. And you will get paid daily basis or weekly after completion of works.

Thousands of people all over the world are making huge money just writing simple articles. The demand of writing creative content is growing day by day and all website owner, blogger, marketer, businessman need creative and attractive content for ranking their website, generating leads, as well as selling products. So you must be a creative writer and it may not too difficult, it may take a time to reach the expected level but if you start today and work hard for it then you can become a creative writer very soon and earn more money online without investment.

How to Become A Creative Writer:

As a beginner first you have to study on various topics and gain vast knowledge on that subjects. To do that you can read the popular online newspaper daily and also read popular blogger’s blog post. This will help you to gain immense knowledge on one side and also increase your creativity to write quality articles very fast on another side at the same time. So to become a professional creative writer you must have to study a lot and practice also to write on different topics or niche.

How Much Can I Earn to Write Article:

There is no limitation. Being a creative writer, you can earn $500-$2000 per month even more. There are some popular writing job sites where you will get paid $50-$100 per article you write. Some top level writers are making $5000-$10000 per month just writing high-quality articles. So demand is high in this sector, if you want to start your career in writing, first determine yourself and start study from today and write on different blogs, social media sites to grow your writing skills and creativity.

Where You Can Get Writing Jobs:

Freelancing sites are the best place to get writing jobs. Thousands of jobs come every day and are being completed daily and also get paid daily in the freelance marketplace. There are two types of writing jobs on freelance marketplace one is fixed price writing jobs and another is hourly writing jobs. At fixed price jobs, you will get paid a certain amount of money after completing your writing like $20, $50. And at hourly writing jobs, you will get paid per hour, if you spend 3 hours in writing a 1000 words article you will earn $10 x 3 = $30 where $10 is your hourly rate. You can withdraw your earnings through your PayPal account, master card, direct bank wire transfer and other payment methods they support. Here I show you some top freelance marketplace where you will get high paying writing jobs.

Top Popular Freelance Sites:


Join these above sites to get paid to write articles online. The demand for writing is always high. You can make a huge amount of money writing online. Thank you for reading my article. Please share with your friends right now. If you have any query or want to learn more about how to get paid to write online just contact me.

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