As a student you are obviously looking for some free and legit ways to earn money online without investment and registration fees. Follow these 20 easy and genuine ways to make money online as a student without any investment. By using these methods you can earn money online from anywhere in the world. Generally, most college students from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, India, Pakistan, Dubai and Malaysia are highly interested to get free home based jobs and best work from home opportunities. After a long time research, I presented some effective methods to earn money at home through internet and get paid daily or weekly through PayPal, Credit Card, Payoneer, Bank Wire Transfer etc.

As a student you are obviously looking for some legit and easy ways to earn money that does not need any investment and registration fees, right. So we have listed some exclusive techniques to make money online at home for a school, college or university student. Follow the methods below to learn step by step.

Earn money online without investment for students

20+ Free Methods-How To Earn Money Online Without Investment for Students

1. Make Money Online By Taking Paid Surveys:

You can get paid $1 to $5 taking each surveys online. There are some legitimate paid surveys sites that pay you real cash and gift cards to take surveys. Some popular companies are offering highest paying surveys such as $3 to $10 per surveys you take and they will pay you through PayPal and gift cards. You can see the list of highest paying survey sites online to earn more money without investment as a student.

You need to complete simple tasks while taking paid surveys such as playing games, by clicking ads, watching videos, give your opinion, data entry works etc. So as a student you can easily do these works without having any skills. So if you spend 1-2 hours a day with taking surveys online, you can earn $10-$20 even more per day and $300-$600 per month. It’s a good figure for you as a student. To earn more money, join multiple paid survey sites and refer your friends to earn more money. So legit paid surveys is a really a fantastic way to earn money online for students without investing anything. You will get payment daily on survey sites through your PayPal account.

2. Make Money Online With Fiverr:

Fiverr is a world top freelance marketplace for digital marketing related works. You can sell your service at $5 to $300 over here. People’s are making thousands of dollars per month from fiverr just doing simple micro works. You can work on article writing, search engine optimization related works such as keyword research, link building, guest posting, keyword ranking etc, graphic design, web design, voice over works, video creation, animation, video marketing, traffic generation, lead generation etc. You need to create some gigs and promote on social media sites. Read my post how to make $1000 per month on fiverr to get full guideline step by step.

As a beginner, if you can work 1-2 small tasks a day you will make $10 a day and $300 a month. As a student it’s really a nice and legit way to earn some extra money from home. If you want to earn more money, there is no limitation. Work more and earn more.

3. Make Money Online By Article Writing:

You can earn a profitable figure just writing articles online. The demand of writing quality articles are increasing day by day. You can make over $1000 per month writing creative article online and get paid instantly. There are two ways to earn money writing quality article online. The first is freelance marketplace where you will get thousands of article writing jobs. Just find them and apply for jobs. Read this post to learn more about get paid minimum $500 per month to write article online

The second way to earn money writing article is paid blogging sites. There are some popular paid blog sites who pay $50 to $100 per article writing. These articles either be a tutorial, blog posts, product reviews etc. See the list of 25 highest paying blogs that pay up-to $100 per article writing. So if you know English perfectly and have some writing skills, you can earn huge money just writing unique and creative articles.

So as a student you can earn $500-$1000 per month easily just writing article online without investment. You will get paid through PayPal and other payment methods.

4. Make Money Online By Watching Videos:

Swagbucks is a good site who pay you to watch various You-Tube style videos and also provide you an extra $5 as a sign up bonus.

Videos aren’t precious puppies or Coke bottles exploding, but once you’re making money to watch them, they don’t have to be quite that entertaining, right?

Instead, they’re sponsored by some brands who want to be watched by as many eyes as possible. If you can watch all available videos here, you can earn up to $200/month. So it’s really an exclusive way to earn some extra money online as a student without any investment.

4. Make Money Online By Playing Games:

Do you really want to get paid playing games online? Yes, you can earn some extra money just playing games online. If you are a game lover, this is perfect way to earn money just playing games online. It’s not video games, It’s just web based games. You need to join their sites and play simple games online and you will get paid without any investment. Follow the top list of sites that pay you playing games online.

5. Make Money Online With Data Entry Jobs:

Data entry job are really a very easy and flexible way to earn extra money online working from home. You do not need to be an expert to do data entry works. You can start free data entry jobs with a basic computer skills and working experience on MS Excel, MS Access, MS Word and MS PowerPoint. And it would be more better if you have good skills on internet browsing. But be careful, there are still a lot of scam companies and websites where you can work but never get payment. So i listed few legit data entry websites/companies below.

Here is a small list of some legitimate data entry websites who offer real and legit online data entry jobs opportunities.


6. Make Money By Online Tutoring(Teaching English Online):

Many people around the world are interested in learning English as a second language for various purposes. You can simply teach them English from home through internet and earn some extra money at home. You just need to use some video communication software like Skype for doing that work. This is genuinely very much easy way to earn money at home. If you have fluent skill both speaking and listening in English, you can apply for this kinds of home based jobs.

Here i listed some legit company name who offer online teaching job opportunities at home. As a student you can earn some extra money just teaching English to other peoples.

English Hunt
Go Fluent
I Speak U Speak
EleMental Learning
Homework Tutoring
Tutor ABC

7. Make Money Online With Graphic Design Jobs:

Making money with graphic design work like logo design, banner design, web design, cover design etc is a precise way now. You can work and earn money with the help of a computer & some essential design software like Photoshop, Illustrator etc. Buyer will provide you all manual, instructions, information’s and materials. You just need to do the work as per their requirements and deliver them within timeline. If they satisfy on your work, they will give you payment instantly and if they need any modification, they will inform you. So you need to update the work & deliver them and finally you will receive your payment. Your client will be either an individual or organization/company. One great thing is that if you can satisfy your client, they will continuously provide you work without applying for job. So ready to earn money doing graphic design jobs? Follow the list of some legit website shown below.

Here i listed some legit graphic design websites who providing best graphic design jobs opportunities. As a student you can earn $300 to $500 per month easily with graphic design jobs. Just join the market and complete your profile with sample works and start apply jobs. You will get paid through PayPal and other payment methods.

99 Designs
Zillion Designs

8. Make Money Online With Transcription/Typing Jobs:

Transcription is a outstanding way to make extra money from home. Sometimes it called typing jobs. You have to listen their voice and convert it into word by typing on keyboard. So you must have rapid typing speed to do this work. And also have decent knowledge at listening English. You have to work the jobs under pressure because the deadlines of works may be tights some times. So if you are fully confident about yourself doing typing/transcription jobs, join the marketplace and start working. They pay good salary for these transcription jobs.

Here i listed some legit transcription companies who providing best transcription/typing jobs opportunities from home. As a student you can earn $300-$800 per month simply with transcription jobs.

Cambridge Transcriptions
eTranscription Solutions
Express Document Service
Fantastic Transcripts
Mass Transcription
Net Transcripts, Inc.
Perfect Transcription
TASK Document Services
TSI Transcripts
Ubiqus Transcription

9. Make Money Online With Micro Jobs:

These are some tiny jobs that need to complete very short time and less effort. Payment is small but if you can do more jobs, you will get paid more money. You have to deliver various kinds of tasks based on your skills, knowledge and time. These micro jobs are really very simple and need very short time to deliver, so you can easily complete more jobs per day and earn more money from home.

Here i referenced some legit micro-job providing companies who offer best work from home online jobs opportunities. As a student you can earn $10-$50 per day doing micro jobs.

Amazon Mechanical Mturk
Click N Work
Fiverr Micro Jobs
Task Rabbit

10. Make Money Online With Moderation Jobs:

Spending time on various online forums, social media and chatting rooms simply managing the comments that other people write. Your responsibility is if someone try to do spam or any spam work and violates the terms of company, kick him out from over there. It’s not a hard task. Anyone can do this jobs from home. Company will provide you admin access of their website, forums, social media and other sites where thousands of people gathering regularly. So you just need to login with user id and password provided by company and monitor all peoples activity. If you found someone doing spam, just take an action and banned his/her profile from over there.

Ready to earn money working as a online moderator? Okay, here i shared some legit company who offering online moderator related works. As a student you can make some extra money online as a moderator from home. You can work both part time and full time.

Ask Community
Metaverse Mod Squad

11. Make Money Online With Proofreading

Proofreading is a fantastic way to earn money online from home. The main responsibility is that you have to check written article, content, books and other materials and modify according to English grammar so that there will have no spelling & grammatical errors. So, if you have adequate knowledge & skills on English, you can do this types of jobs. But if you do not have good English skills, i recommend you not to apply.

Here i listed some legit company who provide best Proofreading jobs opportunities. As a student you can earn good figure with Proofreading jobs from home.
Sibia Proofreading

11. Make Money Online By Resume Writing:

You can earn extra money from home writing other peoples resume through online. Job seekers around the world are looking some creative writers who can write their resume like professionally and unique that appears eye catching. If you have adequate knowledge on English language, you can get paid writing their resume as like as a professional. They are paying good salary for high quality resume writing.

So ready to write other peoples resume and earn some extra money online from home? Okay, here i listed some legit resume writing jobs provider company who offer best resume writing jobs. As a student you can earn $500-$1000 per month just writing resumes online. Payment is guaranteed and get paid through PayPal & other payment methods.


Resume Writing Jobs – Indeed

12. Make Money Online By Translation Jobs:

If you know more language very well, this translation jobs are perfect for you. You need to translate important document, calls, meeting and written communications. Sometimes few persons or businesses that deal with multiple lingual business around the world find themselves for their various services. In this job, you must have decent qualification of that languages.

Here I listed some legit company who offer translation job opportunities from home. As a student you can make good figure with translation jobs without any investment.

Appen Butler
Responsive Translation

13. Make Money Online As A Virtual Assistant:

You can earn extra money online doing some administrative work of company through online from home. A couple of large companies hire people who can assist their administrative work like legit data entry jobs, product entry, mail creation & delivery, social media management, video upload and etc. So work is simple but you have to be sincere and honest to do this tasks. They are paying better salary for this jobs.

So ready to work as a virtual assistant? Okay, Here i listed some legit company who provide virtual assistant job opportunities. As a student you can earn huge money with virtual assistant jobs without any investment. If you familiar with some large companies, you will continuously get works.

Fancy Hands
Time Etc.
Worldwide 101

14. Make Money Online With Web Testing:

The main responsibility is to analysis and monitor other peoples or companies websites and solve if you found any problems like coding problem, design issue i.e responsive or non responsive, search engine friendly or not, website speed testing, security testing etc. In this web testing jobs, you must have good skills and knowledge on web development & programming. They are providing high salary for web testing. When you complete your works, you have to sent a report to the clients.

Here i listed some legit web testing job provider companies who provide web testing jobs. As a student you can earn immense money with web testing jobs without any investment. But remember you have to be expert on programming and web development fields to do these works.

Feedback Army
Loop 11

15. Make Money Online Selling Old Revision Notes

You can earn some extra money from selling and sharing your school, college and University revision notes on Note Sale. It’s easy and straightforward to earn extra cash as a student without any investment, just upload your notes here and get paid for every sales.

16. Make Money Online As A Private Tutor

If you want to make money as a private tutor, You can do with the help of this website First Tutors. Thousands of people around the world are searching private tutors in this market. So you can easily earn some extra money as a private tutor. Just join First Tutors and follow the guidelines.

17. Make Money Online From Old Clothes

Return To Earn allows you to earn quick cash from your used clothes, shoes and even accessories. This entirely free services requires you to just request a bag & organize a collection from your front door.

18. Make Money Online Write Music Reviews

You can make some extra money by writing music reviews for popular websites like Slice The Pie which has already paid out more than $1,000,000 in rewards.

19. Make Money Online By Selling Your Old Books

You can easily make some extra money from your old text books by selling them either to another students directly or via some popular Marketplaces such as Amazon.

20. Make Money Online By Searching The Web

You can earn some extra money by searching on the internet. Qmee will pay you just to search the internet, simple as that! Sponsored ads accompany the search results and you can increase cash rewards which can be paid out to your PayPal account directly.

21. Make Money Online By Selling Custom T-Shirts

You can get paid easily with selling custom t-shirt. Fabrily allows you to earn money online by selling unique T-shirts and hoodies from home, without investment and no risks to you. You can increase cash for yourself or for good beneficent causes.

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These above methods are great to make money online for a student. Thank you for reading my article. Please share your friends. To get more free online home based jobs read this top 199 company offering legitimate work from home jobs without investment. If you have any query or want to learn more tricks about earn money online without investment for students just contact me on Skype.

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