Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Tutorial: Part-4 (Competitor Analysis)

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In this tutorial, I will show you how to do competitor analysis for your Clickbank affiliate marketing. This is very important part to get rank your keywords in Google search. If you do wrong in this part, you can never get success. So follow my instructions below to learn step by step.

How to Do Competitor Analysis

Once you have chosen some targeted buyer keywords, now you have to research your competitor who is on the first page of Google. You have to search your keywords on Google and press enter; Google will show you 10 results/websites. Now copy the links of these 10 websites and save it on a notepad on excel file. Now you have to check some major factors such as domain authority, page authority, the number of backlinks, trust flow, citation flow etc. Follow the steps below.


Check Domain Authority and Page Authority:

To check your competitors Domain Authority(DA) and Page Authority(PA) you have to go Moz’s Open Site Explorer. It’s a free tool provided by Moz. Now copy one by one your competitors URLs and paste into the search box. Moz will show you the Domain Authority(DA) and Page Authority(PA) of those sites with the number of backlinks. Just copy these data and save it in notepad or excel file. Once you completed top 10 websites DA and PA and number of backlinks, now it’s easy to make the decision that you can rank that keyword on Google or not. If you found 2-3 websites whose have DA<30, you can make that keyword final for next step. But if all 10 competitor websites have DA>30-40, it will become very much difficult for you to get rank your keyword in Google search. If you found 1-2 YouTube videos on Google first page, you can easily rank those keywords. So check all your chosen keywords in this way and make a final list of your keywords. I suggest you find at least 30 keywords that meet the above criteria. Once you have done, you are ready to go the next step. See the screenshot below.

Moz Domain Authority Check


Alternative Method to Check DA and PA

Alternating way to check DA and PA and number of backlinks at a glance instead of visiting Moz OSE website. You have to install a simple MozBar extension in Google Chrome browser from the following link. Now switch on that extension on your browser and then go to and search your keywords. You will see all your competitors DA, PA and number of backlinks in the sample place. So it’s an easy and time-saving way to check your competitors. See the screenshot below. Here you will see 3 sites where DA is below 30. So it’s easy to get rank this keyword “how to reduce hips and thighs naturally”.

MozBar Extension Link

Check Trust Flow and Citation Flow

Another important factor that you have to check is trust flow and citation flow. These two important metrics are provided by Majestic. Majestic is also a powerful tool for online marketing. You can check your competitor’s trust flow, citation flow, the number of backlinks etc by using this tool. You have to search the URL one by one in the search box of Majestic and then click on the search button. Majestic will show you the trust flow, citation flow and the number of backlinks of your competitors. By using this powerful online marketing tools, you can easily track your competitors and make a final decision about keyword ranking. The less trust flow and citation flow, the more chance to get rank your keywords in Google search. So do all 10 websites in the same way. If you found 2-3 sites who have low trust flow and citation flow, you can choose that keywords as final keywords. Save all data in a notepad or excel file. See the screenshot below.

Majestic Trust Flow Check


In this way, you can easily analyze your competitors and easily find some rank-able keywords. If you found 25-40 low competitive keywords on your niche, there is a huge opportunity to get rank your keywords on Google very fast and earn $5000/month within few month of working. It’s a fantastic way to generate passive income online just working few months. So this tutorial ends here. In the next tutorial, I will discuss content writing on your final chosen keywords. Thank you for reading my tutorial. Please share with your friends on social media right now.

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