Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Tutorial: Part-3 (Keyword Analysis)

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In this tutorial, I will show you how to find some profitable buying keywords for your chosen niche. Once you have completed your niche selection, now you have to find some keywords and start writing contents on that keywords or topics. So how and where to find the targeted keywords? I will show you some easy and effective methods to find your targeted keywords. Follow the instructions below to learn step by step how to find the targeted keyword of your niche.

Before doing keyword analysis, you have to install an excellent tool that is totally free. If you use Google Chrome browser, just go to extension and search “keywords everywhere”. Install this extension to your browser and check your email to get the API key. Put this API key in the setting of that extension. And you have to select the country where you want to target your keywords. If you choose global, it will show you international search volume.

Keywords Everywhere

Remember one vital thing that you have to find as much as search volume and as low as competition. The more competition, the more difficult to get rank on Google. There is both free and paid tool for keyword research. I will show you both.


Free Keyword Analysis Tools/Methods:

Method-1: Find Keyword Using Google Keyword Suggestions

Go to and type a simple keyword related to your niche. If your niche is weight loss, just types “lose weight” and then press space on your keyboard. Google will automatically suggest a lot of new keyword terms. If you click any one of them and then press space, Google will again suggest some other new and long tail keyword ideas. When you enter a keyword, you will see the search volume, CPC, and competition. The search volume means how many people search on Google for that keyword. The CPC means cost per click; when someone creates an ad on Google with that keyword, he has to select the cost per click amount, and the competition means how much difficult is that keyword to get rank in Google. So I recommend you to check only search volume of your keywords. If you found some keywords where a lot of search volume and that are buying keywords, you can choose them. See the screenshot below.


What is a buying keyword?

Buying keyword is a keyword by which a user search with that keyword to get help and purchase products. For example, someone faces weight gain problem and he/she searches on Google with the following terms like “how can I lose weight within a week”, “how can I lose weight without exercise”, these are buying keywords. If you can write some helpful article about this topics and get rank in Google search; you will get a lot of targeted traffic from Google and you can promote any weight loss product to them. So choosing a buying keyword is very much essential for affiliate marketing instead of choosing a general keyword. To find some effective buying keyword, you have to think about people’s problem and what they actually search. If you found 20-30 buying keyword relevant to your niche and write at least one article on each keyword and get rank in Google, I ensure you will get huge targeted traffic to your website and make a lot of money promoting the clickbank product. I will discuss everything step by step. So now your main task is to find out some targeted buying keywords relevant to your niche.

Method-2: Find Keyword Using Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is a free powerful tool to find any profitable buyer keywords for your Clickbank affiliate marketing. It’s simple to use. You have to go to the following link and follow the instruction shown below.

Google Keyword Planner

Now sign-in with your Gmail account. When you have entered inside the dashboard, you will see the following layout shown below. Now you have to put a sample keyword like “lose weight” and select country where you want to promote your product; now click “Get Ideas” button. You will see there are a lot of keywords with monthly search volume. There are two options; one is Ad Group Ideas and the second is Keyword Ideas. Click the second option to get your desired keywords. Choose some buying keywords relevant to your niche and save them in an excel sheet or notepad. See the screenshot below.

Google Keyword Planner Tutorial-1


Google Keyword Planner Tutorial-2

Paid Keyword Analysis Tools/Methods:

There are a lot of paid keyword research tools online by which you can get plenty of niche targeted keywords within few minutes. These tools are very much effective and contain a lot of features such as monthly search volume, keyword competition or difficulty etc. Here I mentioned a few of them.


SEMrush is one of the most powerful and excellent online marketing research tools where you can do keyword analysis, competitor analysis, backlink analysis, traffic analysis etc. By using this tool you can easily find a lot of targeted keyword that can be rank in Google easily. All you have to do is go to and type a sample keyword such as “lose weight”; then press “Start Now” button; You will see a lot of targeted keywords with keyword difficulty or competition. In premium version, there are huge fantastic features for online business. You can see the screenshot below.

SEMrush Tutorial-1


SEMrush Tutorial-2


SEMrush helps you to get a lot of profitable low competition keywords for your Clickbank affiliate marketing and you can also see your competitors backlinks, social signals and other options that will help you to get rank your website in Google very fast. So if you start a long time online business, I recommend you to use the premium version of this tool.


KWFinder is also one of the most powerful and easy keyword finder tools where you can get tons of low competition keywords within few clicks. You will get a lot of short and long tail keywords with difficulty. You can easily identify which one is perfect for you to get rank in Google search. The less difficulty, the more chance to get rank in Google very fast. So try to find some low competition or low difficulty keywords. You can see the screenshot below.

KWFinder Tutorial-1


KWFinder Tutorial-2

Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool is an excellent keyword research tool where you can get long tail targeted keywords within a click. All you have to need to go to and then type a sample keyword in the search box, select country, and language; then press the search button. You will see a huge amount of long tail buyer keywords. In premium version, you will see the search volume, CPC, and other options. You can see the screenshot below.

Keyword Tool-1


Keyword Tool-2


So, by using both free and paid keyword finder tools you can easily find your niche relevant profitable keywords. How many keywords do you need to find? As a beginner, you can choose 20-30 buyer keywords for your Clickbank affiliate marketing. Remember one thing when you find any keyword for your online marketing, it must have some search volume and low difficulty/competition, otherwise, you never rank it in Google. This tutorial ends here. In the nest tutorial, we will discuss competitor analysis. Thank you for reading. Please share with your friends on social media right now.

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