199 Best Stay at Home Jobs Without Investment

Best Stay at Home Jobs Without Investment

Are you looking for some FREE legitimate best stay at home jobs without investment and registration fees for Mums, Dads, Students & Teenagers & Nurses in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and World Wide? In this post, I will show you a big list of 199 top companies who provide a lot of legitimate home based online jobs. You do not need to invest anything. You will get both part time and full-time jobs here.

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Almost all types of jobs are available here. They provide jobs for all kinds of people such as college students, stay at home moms, teenagers, engineers, doctors, employees, and others. All these companies are hiring people all over the world. Their payment method is very good. Follow the large list of 199 legit companies below for different types of online jobs without investment and registration fee.

best stay at home jobs

Top 199 Companies Offering Legitimate Best Stay at Home Jobs Without Investment and Registration Fee:

#1. Phone Jobs

Phone jobs are mainly phone based jobs or works. Here you must use your phone as a part of work. Some office may require a landline or best quality headset for doing different purposes. In some office, it does not require that equipment. It actually depends on what types of work you are doing at their office or companies.

These phone jobs include customer service positions where you have to manage incoming calls, customer supports,  manage orders and deals online, online shopping through phone, escalation support, virtual assistant, mystery shopping, telecommunications and many more others types.

Here I shared you a long list of some companies who provide phone-based online jobs.

Phone Jobs List-1

1-800 Flowers – Impermanent, seasonal, and permanent phone customer service works.
1-800 Contacts – Client and Customer service ( Must be located near Draper, UT)
Apple At Home – Chat, telephone work, and technological support.
Amazon.com – Client and Customer service ( Seasonal work)
Alpine Access – Client and Customer support, chatting, technical support, charge, and human resources.
Apple – Client and Customer service and technical support.
Arise – Chatting, emailing, and client service work.
Apptical – Phone research work.
http://asurionforce.com/ – Client and Customer service.
Aspire LifestylesClient and Customer service and caretaker services.
Alorica at Home – Client and Customer service

Call Center QA – Phone mystery shopping.
Convergys – Client and Customer service, technical supports, and sales.
http://www.centurylink.com/ – Client and Customer service and technical support.
Concentrix – Client and Customer service.
Contract World – Client and Customer service ( Hires Global)
Cruise – Client and Customer service ( Must have traveling experience)
Direct Interactions – Client and Customer service
Expert Planet – Negotiable call center work.
Great Virtual Works – Client and Customer service and holding sales.

Phone Jobs List-2

Hilton Hotels – Reserve and sales.
Home Shopping Network – Client and Customer service and sales.
Intelicare – Telephone works
Intelichek – Phone secret shopping
Ipsos – Phone inquirer.
Liveops – Telephone works.
Maritz Research – Telephone investigation.
Next Level – Telephone marketing
http://www.nexrep.com/opportunities.html – Virtual call center works.
http://onpointathome.com/ – Client and Customer service.
ORC International – Phone secret shopping.
Pleio Goodstart – Telephone works
Sitel – Gross revenue, client and customer service support, chatting, and tech support.
Sutherland – Client and Customer service

Telecare – Telephone inquiry surveys.
TeleTech @ Home – Simple Call Center works.
Televated – Client and Customer service, chatting, and technical support.
Transcom – Client and Customer service, gross revenue, and technical support.
http://jobs.uhaul.com/default.aspx – Administrative District and sales.
VIP Desk Connect – Client and Customer service
VeraFast – Telephone works.
VoiceLog – Telephone works.
Westat – Client and Customer service
Working Solutions – Chatting, tech support, client and customer service, HR, and travel agents.
http://www.myxact.com/ – Simple Call Center support


#2. Bookkeeping

Another easy way to make money from home is Bookkeeping. You can easily work from your home with the help of a computer or laptop and an internet connection. There are many real companies who provide a lot of legit bookkeeping works through online sitting at home. So if you have sufficient qualification and knowledge on bookkeeping, you can apply for those jobs and earn money online. It’s one of the best work at home opportunities for all kinds & ages of people including man, woman, student, mom, teenager, accountant etc.

Follow these top bookkeeping companies worldwide who provide high paying and legit work from home jobs.

Accounting Department
Bateman & Co
Balance your Books
Book Minders
Click N Work
Click Accountant Bookkeeping Services

#3. Chat/ Email Support

Chatting with other people and customers and provide them online support through email is a great way to make money online from home. You have to read email, answer email and reply them with proper support and solutions. And also have to communicate people via chatting and solve their problems & make customers happy. If you like this types of job, you can apply to those companies.

Here I shared a little list of chat/email support jobs provider companies who provide legit online home based jobs.

Talk 2 Rep
Site 5

#4. Court Research

Another detective type home based work online is court research where you need to make an investigation in the manner of a detective. You need to doffing up information’s as required including civil records, lawful evidence, activities, tax security interest, case and more. Your customers/clients will add law firms, seller, companies dealing in background information and home loaner too.

Here I shared you a few legit court research companies who provide real online work from home jobs.

Accurate Background Check
Deed Collector
First National Acceptance Company USA
JBS Court Research Services
Omni Data Retrieval
WolfGang Research

#5. Data Entry Jobs

Data entry is a very easy and flexible way to make money online working from home. You do not need to be an expert to do data entry jobs. You can start data entry work with a basic computer skill and working experience on MS-Excel, MS-Access, MS-Word, and MS-PowerPoint. And it would be better if you know internet browsing well. But be careful, there are still a lot of scam companies and websites where you can work but never get paid.

Here I shared you a small list of some legitimate data entry websites who offer real and legit online home based jobs. You can also read my another post Top 10+ Legitimate Companies Who Provide Unlimited Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investments.


#6. Errands and Miscellaneous Tasks

You can make money online to carry out some easy & simple tasks and to run simple errands. Tasks may be the browsing internet, searching online, completing some easy surveys, watching different videos, food market shopping, doing the washing, picking up few dry cleaning etc.

Here I shared few real companies who offer legitimate online home based jobs without investment.

Task Rabbit

#7. Online Tutoring(Teaching English Online)

Many people all over the world are interested in learning English as a second language for different purposes. You can easily teach them English from home through online and earn some extra money. To do this, you need to use some video communication software like Skype. This is really an easy way to earn money at home. If you have fluent skill both speaking and listening, you can apply for this types of jobs.

Here I shared some company name who offer high paying teaching jobs.

English Hunt
Go Fluent
I Speak U Speak
EleMental Learning 
Homework Tutoring
Tutor ABC


There are some positions in the healthcare and clinical industry where you can work comfortably from home. You do not need to have a lot of experience in healthcare. They will pay you hourly or contractual basis. They are medical billing, medical composing and medical coder. If you are interested in doing this type of jobs, apply the following companies I mentioned below.

Medical Transcription


Medical Billing

Imaging on Call
LifeBridge Health
Sirona Health
UnitedHealth Group Careers

Medical Coding

Amphion Medical
Mayo Clinic

#8. Graphic Design Jobs

Earn money doing graphic design works like logo design, banner design, web design, cover design etc is a nice way. You can work and make money with a computer & some software like Photoshop, Illustrator etc. They will provide you all manual, instructions, information’s and materials. You do the work as per their requirements and deliver them via email.

If they satisfied, they will give you payment instantly and if they need any corrections, they will inform you via email. So correct the work and finally, you will receive your payment. Your client will be an individual or organization/company. One good thing is that if you satisfy your client first time, they will continuously provide you work without applying for the job. So ready to work. Follow the list of some legit website shown below.

Here I shared some legit graphic design companies who providing work at home jobs.

99 Designs
Zillion Designs

#9. Transcription Jobs

Transcription is a good way to make money from home. Your job is to listen to their voice and convert it into word by typing. So you must have rapid typing skills to do this work. And also have sufficient knowledge at listening English. You have to work under pressure because the deadlines of works may be tights few times. So if you are confident about yourself, join the marketplace and start working. They pay the better salary for these jobs.

Here I mentioned some legit transcription companies who providing various work at home jobs. You can read my another post on 20+ Free Legit Online Transcription Jobs For Beginners.

Cambridge Transcriptions
eTranscription Solutions
Express Document Service
Fantastic Transcripts
Mass Transcription
Net Transcripts, Inc.
Perfect Transcription
TASK Document Services
TSI Transcripts
Ubiqus Transcription

#10. MicroJobs

These are little jobs that need to complete very short time and less effort. Generally, these jobs, services, and task that you may complete through online. Payment is small but if you do more jobs, you will earn more money. You need to deliver different types of works based on your skills, knowledge and time. These jobs are really simple and need very short time to deliver, so you can easily work more jobs per day and earn more money from home.

Here I mentioned some legit micro-job providing companies who offer different work at home jobs.

Amazon Mechanical Mturk
Click N Work
Fiverr Micro Jobs
Task Rabbit

#11. Moderation Jobs

Spending time on various online forums, social media and chatting rooms simply managing the comments that other people write. Your responsibility is if someone tries to do spam or any spammy work and violates the rules & terms of the company website, kick him out from over there. It’s not a difficult task.

Anyone can do this work from home. The company will provide you admin access of their website, forums, social media and other sites where thousands of people gathering every day. So you need to log in with username and password provided by the company and monitor all peoples activity. If you found someone doing spam, just take an action and banned his/her account from over there.

Ready to work as an online moderator? Okay, here I shared some legit company name who providing online moderator related jobs.

Ask Community
Metaverse Mod Squad

#12. Proofreading Jobs

Proofreading is a good way to make money online from home. The main responsibility is that you have to check written article, content, books and other materials and modify according to English grammar so that there will have no spelling & grammatical errors. So, if you have enough knowledge & skills in English, you can try this types of jobs. If you do not have good English skills, I recommend you not to apply.

Here I mentioned few legit company names who provide various proofreading jobs.

Sibia Proofreading

#13. Resume Writing

You can make money from home writing other peoples resume through online. Job seekers all over the world are looking some creative person who can write their resume like professionally and unique that appears eye catching. If you have sufficient knowledge of English language and can write their resume as like as a professional. They are paying the high salary for high-quality resume writing.

So ready to write peoples resume and earn money online from home? Okay, here I shared you some legit resume writing job provider company who offer various resume writing jobs.

Resume Writing Jobs – Indeed

#14. Translation Jobs

If you know multiple languages very well, this type of jobs is for you. You need to translate important document, calls, meeting and written communications. Sometimes few persons or businesses that deal with multiple lingual businesses worldwide find themselves for their various services. In this job, you must have enough qualification of that languages. Here I mentioned some legit company names who offer various translation jobs.

Appen Butler
Responsive Translation

#15. Virtual Assistant

You can make money online doing some administrative work of company through online from home. Few large company hires people who can assist their work like data entry, product entry, mail creation & delivery, social media management, video upload and etc. So work is simple but you have to be sincere and honest to do this works. They are paying the good salary for this jobs.

Ready to work as a virtual assistant? Okay, Here I mentioned some legit company name who provide different virtual assistant jobs.

Fancy Hands
Time Etc.
Worldwide 101

#16. Web Testing

The main task and responsibility are to analysis and monitor other websites and solve if you found any problems like coding problem, design issue i.e responsive or nonresponsive, search engine friendly or not, website speed testing, security testing etc. In this types of jobs, you must have good skills and knowledge on web development & programming. They are paying the high salary for web testing. When you complete testing websites, you have to send a report to the clients. Here I shared some legit web testing job provider companies who provide web testing jobs.

Feedback Army
Loop 11

#17. Writing Jobs

Most popular money making way is writing jobs online. You have to write peoples content like the blog post, article, eBook, product review, press release, sales letter, email swipe, journal, video script etc. If you have good knowledge on writing English, you can easily join and make thousands of dollars per month easily from home online.They are paying high salary if you can write unique, creative and attractive content.

So ready to make money writing content? Here I shared some legit writing jobs websites who provide online writing jobs.

BKA Content 
Article Document 
Crowd Content 
Content Divas
Content Runner
Words of Worth 
Get A Copywriter 
The Content Authority 

#18. Paid Survey Sites

There are many companies who pay for completing various types of surveys online. It’s one of the best and easy ways to make money from home. Anyone who can browse the internet can do this works. They will pay according to the types of surveys. Normally, you need to complete fill-up various types of form, playing online games, testing apps, download & install games & apps and this types of tasks.

So it’s a fun way to make some extra money from the comfort of your computer. If you are seeking some legitimate survey companies online who pay cash regularly, Here I shared you some legit company listed below. You can join today and start making money online today. You can earn more money with highest paying free survey sites. Here I listed a few of them.

Pinecone Research:

One of best-paid survey site who pays cash for completing surveys, testing their products, participating in focusing groups and others. Pinecone Research pays well for taking and completing surveys, they pay around $3.00 for completing each survey. Their payment method is via PayPal.


Most trusted and popular paid survey site who pay their members for taking various surveys and testing their products. Typically, people’s are earning 4000-6000 points per survey. They pay you with real cash, free merchandise, Amazon gift voucher and many others. Join now if you are over 13.

My Survey:

My Survey is also one of most popular paid survey site who are looking for new members to participate completing surveys online. Their members earn a lot of points by completing surveys successfully. These points will be redeemed for cash via PayPal, gift cards, and others.

Global Test Market:

One of most popular paid survey site. They pay member worldwide. Their members can earn points taking surveys that are redeemable for cash, free shopping, gift card etc.


Swagbucks pays their members by taking online surveys, watching movies, playing various games, testing apps, searching online and others. You will earn point to complete surveys and finally redeemed in cash, shopping voucher & gift card.

Opinion Outpost:

One of the best-paid survey site among all. They pay people only from US and UK. You can earn points and finally can be redeemed for real cash via PayPal or check & gift card.

Survey Savvy:

Survey Savvy is also a legit paid survey site who pay their member via check if you have minimum $1.00 balance. There is also some paying offers you can try.

Vindale Research:

They are looking people who can get paid sharing their honest feedback. They pay directly cash not points like other survey sites.

Survey Spot:

One of most trusted and popular paid survey site. You need to test various products and completing online surveys. You can earn points first and then cash via PayPal.

Paid Viewpoint:

Most popular and trusted paid survey site who pay for taking simple and easy surveys online. You can make money here by taking screening survey which is different from other survey sites. One important tricks are increasing your trait score. When you reach over 7000, you can earn more for each survey. No limitation, free for all people worldwide.

Most popular and trusted paid survey site who pay for taking simple and easy surveys online. You can make money here by taking screening survey which is different from other survey sites. One important tricks are increasing your trait score. When you reach over 7000, you can earn more for each survey. No limitation, free for all people worldwide.


MintVine pays their member for voicing their opinion. They pay via PayPal directly.


A good paid survey site who pay people giving feedback about products & services. Free for all people to join. They will provide $5 sign up bonus.


A high paying survey site who pays for involved in research studies. You need to take part in a webcam study for about 10-20 minutes. They pay cash via PayPal.

Ipsos I-Say:

One of the largest paid survey site who pays well. They work with top rated brands & companies worldwide. You can earn point first and then cash. Withdraw method via PayPal or check, various gift card, free prizes and more.

American Consumer Opinion (ACOP):

Another popular paid survey site who works with a lot of leading companies and brands. They pay via check or PayPal. Free for people all over the world.

Cash Crate:

A popular and well known paid survey site who have a lot of offers & surveys. Joining is easy and you can earn up to $2-$5 for completing each survey. They pay via check when you reach $20 at least.


They pay their member for watching various videos. You can get paid through cash and Amazon gift card. Not free for all, only US people over 18 can join and work over here.


A different type of paid survey site where most surveys are social content & general-purpose interest topics. You will get paid with cash & prizes.

To get more legit paid survey sites, you can read Top 10 Highest Paying Online Survey Sites That Pay Through Paypal


There are a lot of online jobs but I mentioned a few of them in this post. These stay at home jobs will help you to make some extra money online working in your spare time. These are not only suitable for moms, but also all kinds of people can make money doing these home based jobs. If you have any query just contact me on Skype or email me, I will help you with my best. Thank you for reading. Please share with your friends right now.

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