Are you a teenager? Do you want to make an extra money? Follow these super easy methods in the video that will help you to make money online. All teens can earn money by following these simple methods below.

How To Make Money As A Teen Video Tutorial

How To Make Money As A Teenager

1. Make Some DIYs

You can decorate your school supplies. Cut up some scrap of paper which you can get at Michaels for like 99 cents to the correct size and then take some stickers that you can get for $5 at Michaels. Now just put them on and this is super simple but it turns out looking professional and I feel like people would actually buy this in stores. So this is just one of the simple DIYs that you could actually sell and make money.


2. Start A YouTube Channel

YouTubers do make money and YouTube is a ton of fun. Please do not start YouTube for money-making at first start a YouTube channel. Create some informative videos. Upload them to your channel. Share these video on social media. Once your channel becomes popular, you can monetize with Google Adsense. Thus you can make money.


3. Sell Your Clothes

You can actually sell your clothes online and make money. I know there’s a ton of different websites that you can do. You can sell your cloth on the following popular online shops.

Take the best photo of your cloth and upload it to Instagram and other social media. I think it’s an awesome way to make money or you could also buy clothes that you normally wouldn’t find in stores.


4. Tutoring

Tutoring is really a fantastic way to make money as a teenager. You have to teach a baby or a toddler and thus make money. You can do these teaching jobs both online and offline. There are some popular sites where you will get tutoring jobs. Few of them are mentioned below.


Thousands of methods are available online to make money as a teenager. I mentioned a few of them. Thank you for reading my article. Please share with your friends below.