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20+ Free Legit Online Transcription Jobs For Beginners Without Investment

Here I will show you a list of online transcription jobs that require no investment & registration fees. An online transcription job is a job where you have to listen to audio clips and convert it into MS-word or text file. Follow the list of 20+ top legitimate companies who provide genuine transcribing jobs to make money online. These transcription jobs are really easy and almost all kinds of people can make money such as college student, stay at home moms, part-time workers and people.


Online Transcription Jobs

20+ Free Legit Online Transcription Jobs For Beginners Without Investment

List of Legitimate Companies Who Provide Online Transcription Jobs:

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk: Mechanical Turk is a one of most trusted and popular website owned by Amazon that pays workers to perform easy small tasks. These jobs include transcribing various audio and video as well as other works like captioning photos & verifying business addresses. Payment rates on Mechanical Turk range from a few pennies to a few dollars, depending on the project. They will transfer your payment directly to your local bank account. The minimum age to join their site is 18 years old.


Microworkers: Microworkers is a mini freelance website where users are paid to execute easy and short tasks, which may include transcribing audio and video clips. After completing a project, they will review it and give you a score. Users must hold a success rate of minimum 75% at all times. You can earn $0.10 to $2.00 per mini project that may need 10-30 minutes to complete. The payment method is PayPal or Skrill. The minimum age to join this site is 18 years old.

Short Task

Short Task: Short Task is a mini freelance website where users are paid to do different types of short & easy tasks like data entry, typing, transcribing audio & video file, identifying objects on a photo and writing content. Once the task is finished, the user delivered it for approval from the client. The marginal age to join this site is 18 years old.

Transcribe Me

Transcribe Me: Transcribe Me pays the highest rate approximately $20 per audio hour. Average transcribers on the site earn over $200 a month. First, you have to go to their online training program and then you will be asked to participate a short exam to prove that you can perfectly transcribe audio & video files and follow style guidelines. Once you pass the exam, they will give you some short clips of audio, normally between 10 seconds to a one-minute length that you have to transcribe into text. Once you successfully complete one task, they will send you another short audio clip to transcribe into text. Actually, there is no limit to how many audio clips you can transcribe. They pay their users every week through PayPal. The minimum age to join this site is 13 years old.


Rev: Rev is a one of most popular online transcribing job provider site who pays between 40 to 60 cents per audio minute. The average transcribers on Rev earn around $250 per month. They pay every week through your PayPal account directly. You can also find your desired jobs. The website says it has a lot of transcribing jobs for transcribers to do. To work on Rev, you have to go via an online application process that takes about one hour to complete. You need to transcribe few small audio clips to pass the test and prove yourself suitable for work. The minimum age to join this site is 13 years old.


Tigerfish: You must have a computer or laptop running Windows operating system(Mac is not compatible with the video time coding software they use) and a copy of Express Scribe Transcription Software (you can download for free on the website.) to work with Tigerfish. To join Tigerfish, you have to download and read their style guide & terms and then take a small test to prove that you can transcribe any audio or video file perfectly. The test consists of 2-5 minute segments that represent typical transcription material such as a focus group, an interview, and a presentation.

You will also have to include a short bio of yourself as a writer, what you prefer to read, your educational background, skills, relevant experience etc. They pay well their users. The payment method is PayPal. They will pay you instantly when completed any project. Here is no age limitation, anyone can join and work.


Quicktate: Quicktate is a one of reputed transcriber jobs provider site who pays 1 cent for every four words for general transcription, 1 cent for every two words for medical transcription and 1 cent for every two words for iDictate. They allow you to set your own hours and work as little or as much as you want. If you perform well at Quicktate, you can be promoted to their sister company, iDictate, which pays more than Quicktate.

To be eligible to become a active transcriber for Quicktate, you have to be able to spell accurately, follow their instructions, have at least few experience in this field, have never been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony, pass a little transcribing quiz and a test on Quicktate’s requirements, pay $15 for a background check and show at least two references. Payments will be sent directly to your Paypal account every week.


Crowdsurf: Crowdsurf specializes in transcribing audio to make online media more accessible for the hearing impaired. The essential requirements to work with Crowdsurf are you must have appropriate spelling, punctuation, and grammar, you must successfully pass the little transcription test, you must be detailed oriented and follow guidelines well. No special hardware required to work. Maximum audio clips range from 5-30 seconds long. You have to create a Work Media account if you want to work with them. Pay rates range from 5-30 cents for each audio minute.


Scribie: Scribie is popular audio/video transcription jobs provider site who pays around $10 per audio hour. Most transcribers on the site make approximately $200-$500 a month. The audio or video files are short about 5 minutes or less each. They have an exclusive monthly bonus of $5 for every three audio hours completed. Transcribers can pick out the tasks they want to work on. They sent payments to your PayPal account once a day. No particular hardware required to work with them. To join & work with Scribie, you must apply online and take a little test to prove you can do transcribing jobs perfectly. Once your test is reviewed, you will either be certified to be a transcriber or you will be disallowed. If you are disallowed, you can review your test results and participate in another test. You can submit up to 10 re-tests.

DioData Solutions

DioData Solutions: Good typing skills is required to work with DioData Solutions. To be a transcriptionist for DioData Solutions you must be able to type minimum 60 words a minute, be able to work autonomously with nominal supervision and have superior verbal and written communication skills and you must be a burgher of the United States. The company doesn’t say how much it pays.

Accutran Global

Accutran Global: Accutran global is an oldest popular transcription service provider who transcribes different subjects such as financial sector conference calls, meetings, interviews, and presentations. To work with accutran global as a transcriber you must need a good typing skill such as you have to type minimum 70 words per minute, have a superior command of the English language, brilliant listening skills, superior spelling and punctuation abilities. Payments are made on the 15th of each month via PayPal, Check or Bank Wire Transfer.

The company suggests that its transcribers buy a foot pedal. The company provides all essential transcription software and materials required to complete transcribing jobs. Audio files are pre-assigned to every transcriber based upon their presence. Payment rates begin at .005 cents per word and go up to .0066 cents per words for top transcribers. Transcribers who can earn $2000 in their first 6 months will get a bonus of $50.


Bam: First you have to answer few questions such as how fast can you type, do you have any transcription tools or software, how many audio minutes can you transcribe in a day and what is your pay rate etc. Then the transcriber must pass a transcription request which is a 10-minute reel that they have to transcribe and time code. If the transcriber can fulfill all of these things successfully they will select as an active transcriber and give them a position.

Daily Transcription

Daily Transcription: Daily Transcription is a top-level company who are looking for only skilled transcribers and provides very fewer details about working as an audio transcriber with them. The company hires experienced as well as fresher transcribers and transcribers work here on an on-call basis. Join with them through the online application and fill up all of your information’s as per their requirement. They pay on credit card as well as check. Minimum balance to withdraw cash is $50.


Castingwords: CastingWords is a company that hires both fresher & skilled transcribers to convert tiny audio files to text. Casting Words is genuinely a great site for beginners. As a beginner, you can join them easily through their online application process. You can control your income and get paid more when you deliver quality work consistently. They will review your work after completion. Once approved, they will pay you. Payment method is PayPal.

GMR Transcription

GMR Transcription: GMR Transcription provides high-quality transcription and translation services. They are available from 2004. The company provides works to both skilled and freshers. They will take a simple test to start work with them. If you can pass the test, they will approve you to work. They provide works on academic, legal and business industries. Users can set their working schedule and there is no limit, more work, more money. They pay you via different payment methods such as credit cards like Master Card, Visa Card, and American Express.

Neal R. Gross

Neal R. Gross: Neal R. Gross & Co., Inc. (NRGCO) provides trustworthy &  timely court reporting and best transcription services to both private & public clients in all 50 states of USA and worldwide. They serve private industry, small and large law firms, local, associations, meeting planners, state and federal government agencies, nonprofits and courts. It has gained a superior reputation with both private and public sector clients by delivering timely and exact literatim transcripts at competitive rates. You do not need any past experience to work with them. You must be able to type minimum 60 words per minute and you must have good knowledge in English. And you have to work minimum 30 hours a week that is almost 5 audio hours.


SpeakWrite: This is one of the top reputed company who provides high-quality transcription services. The SpeakWrite hires only skilled and experienced workers to work with their services. You have typing skills of minimum 60 words per minute with 95% percent accuracy to work with them, and you must live in U.S. or Canada, and at least one-year transcription experience in an office environment within the previous five years and be able to pass a background check.


Transcribe: To work as a transcriber on first you must pass a simple transcription assessment test. You must work delicately & maintain the timeline of projects and have some experience of utilizing transcription tools and software. Past transcription experience is effective. Pay rates vary with the types of project. The payment method is PayPal. They pay on a regular basis. You have to transcript files on the following topics such as conference calls, podcasts, sermons, business meetings etc.

RNK Transcription

RNK Transcription: RNK Transcription provides a wide variety of transcription services in the following fields such as one-on-one interviews, OTF interviews, field tape transcription, reality show transcriptions, B-Roll Logging, psychiatric, legal transcriptions etc.  You must have a fastest typing speed and exactness to work with them. You must have fantastic listening, spelling as well as English grammatical skills. Also, you must be dedicated and computer educated. Previous experience in entertainment or legal transcription is a bonus.

Some Important FAQ About Transcription Jobs

1.What is a typing job?

Typing jobs are mainly two types of jobs; one is data entry jobs and another is transcription jobs. To get a lot of legitimate online data entry jobs, read my another article top legitimate online data entry jobs without investment.

2.Do you need any payment to start transcription jobs?

No, You do not need to pay anything to start these transcription jobs. All you need to join the network listed above and start working.

3.Can you make money with these transcription jobs as a student or teenager?

Typing Jobs are more suitable for college students and stay at home moms because they can work with their spare time and earn some extra money online. Students have a lot of free time besides their study and stay at home moms also get more spare time at home beside her works. So both of them can do typing jobs and make money online from home.

4.What is a transcription job?

Transcribing jobs are those types of jobs where you have to listen various audio and video clips and transcribe them into text. In this transcribing jobs, you have strong listening skills otherwise you can’t do these jobs. They pay the transcribers per audio hour, that is not the similar as a regular hour. The standard timing for a transcriber is about one hour to transcribe sixteen minutes of audio and about four hours to transcribe one hour of audio.

5.How much money can you earn with online transcription jobs? 

The payment rates vary by company but it is commonly about $10-$20 per audio hour. Transcription jobs are a lot of works but you can do these jobs from home and set your own working schedule, that makes them very hassle free online jobs. If your target to make a few hundred dollars every month, it’s a great opportunity for you.

6.Do you earn money without any experiences?

You can earn money online without previous experience of transcription jobs. Many companies all over the world are hiring expert people for transcribing jobs. Some are looking for workers who have previous experience on transcribing jobs and some are hiring people without previous experience. So you can do transcribing jobs either you have any previous experience or not.


These above companies provide a lot of high paying transcription jobs. They are hiring both fresher and expert for transcription jobs. You have to join their site and complete your bio then apply for jobs. If you really enjoy these online typing jobs as well as online transcription jobs. If you have any query, just contact me on Skype or email. Thank you for reading my article. Please share your friends right now.


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